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The Gorbs rip the crowd a new one at the Hellenic Club!


Hey Zeitgeisters,

As you know, my band Dancing with Gorbachev (DWG) has had some teething problems over the last three months, so I am pleased to announce that our new line-up is really starting to smoke.

Just to introduce or possibly re-introduce them to you,

Pedrag Babich: guitar,
Zlatko Babich: rhythm
Toma Draskovic: bass, vibes, theremin
Vikram Suprotik: drums
Mr Trivia: vocals, poetry

Check out the photos taken by Toma’s mum, Jelena. They show us at a recent gig at the Hellenic Club, Northbridge, where we supported local band The Pencils.

We’re still doing quite a few Nickelback, Live, Ash, Simple Plan and Pussycat Dolls covers, but we’re working hard on our originals. Our new opening song is a kick-ass rock ballad that Vikram wrote, very much in the style of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

It’s called Why Don’t People Get Me?

In the middle of the night
in the infommercial’s glow
a question burns inside me
I cannot make it go

Why don’t people get me?
I got wicked hair
Why don’t people get me?
I don’t think they care.

Is it because they’re
stupid, close-minded, dumb
f**king judgmental pricks
who look tragic and ugly in
their cheap arse K-mart clothes?

(Lyrics courtesy V. Siprotik/T Draskovic)

We haven’t lined-up our next gig yet, but I will let youse all know. Come on down, the future of Australian Contemporary Rock lies with the Gorbys.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

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