Thank You, World!

Friends, Zeitgeisters,

Like many another blogger, I regularly check me stats thanks to the good people at Site Meter. A few minutes ago I obsessively clicked through the various pie graphs to discover that this blog is overwhelmingly read by Australians at 49%, followed by the United States at 21% and the UK at 7%. So far, so expected. This is an Australian Blog written in English on the World Wide Web. (But seriously, New Zealanders, where are you? I’ve never done a single sheep gag in this blog. Promise.)

The stats also record that Unknown Country is the fourth most frequent country of origin for people visiting this blog. I googled around for an answer and found Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country, but this seemed off-topic. Then I came across Whitley Strieber’s site Now Whitley has always creeped me out since he wrote accounts of his abduction by aliens. So I won’t link to him. Go do the Wikipedia, Google thing, if you want to know more about Mr Strieber. It seems unlikely that I’m getting spillover from his site, so whoever you are Unknown Country you can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

The fifth most frequent country to visit was Romania. Buna Ziua, Romania! I hope you are learning all you want to know about Perth, Western Australia in this blog. If you want to know more about this beautiful part of the southern hemisphere click here and you will discover pictures of tanned, thin, beautiful young people enjoying our natural wonders for just $US900 a day.

So to Romania and the rest of the World, thanks for visiting. Your overall numbers are small, but hugely appreciated. Let us consider ourselves to be part of a select and discerning group. We’re cognoscenti. We’re in the know. Later after you’ve dropped me and moved onto smaller and even more obscure blogs you can say, “Yeah, I was reading that back in 2006, actually…”

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