Time is of the Essence

Howdy Zeitgeisters,

Time is a Construct. Try saying that to your Boss when you’re 35 minutes late for the weekly one-hour staff meeting. This sort of University-style postulation only goes over if you’re working in a Secret Government Research Facility trying to replicate “The Philadelphia Experiment”.

And if you think, “Crappy 1980s sci-fi film starring Michael Pare and Nancy Allen” when you hear the term The Philadelphia Experiment then you need to click here. And remember the Wikipedia is NEVER WRONG.

I have time only to blog these few following words:

The Artline Pen thing, didn’t convince. Raspberry Beret remain unimpressed with my Pro-Team joggers. “At least they’re better than those old K-Mart shoes you used to have,” she said.

Our good buddies at Kane & Kane are launching Stage 2 of The Project. If you’re bullish on aggregating content for your Me Brand, then maybe they have something to tell you.

And check out Lep Loney’s Poetry Blog, because he is doing useful work in the area of self-criticism. Each of his beautiful, fragmented scraps of lyrical imagery is immediately critiqued by The Poet himself in the comments section.

For those who suspect that I am Mr Loney, I can only point out that I’m just some guy on the Web who hides behind a bogus profile image and that Time is a Construct.

Elevate The Insignificant!

Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Time is of the Essence

  1. Mr. Triv-

    Time is, indeed, a construct. Which is one reason I switched to freelancing, so I can “contruct” my own time entries onto my own time sheet. Clever bunch, we lawyers, huh?

    Speaking of which, yes I was wondering if I was “The Old Fogey” on BDodg’s blog. Nice to see another . . . fella of fine vintage, shall we say.

    That Aussie Law Stud(ent) has anything but an average sense of humor, so I check him out often.

    You two can just consider me your proxy up over (that would be the opposite of “Down Under” I guess).

    Or something like that.

  2. Hi Mike,

    the Internet – bringing people together from Down Under and Up Over. Our Prime Minister met your President a couple of days ago. Big news here and pretty much nowhere else, I’m guessing.

    They got together and planted two trees – which is good – that’ll help with the whole global warming thing i guess.

    I believe the trees symbolised the co-operation between our nations and was a kind of thank you from George W. to our John W. with all our help on the War on Terror.

    I like to think of our respective blogs are doing similarly good work – Hell, maybe we’re doing an even better job.

    Thanks for visiting us down here, Mike.

  3. “Our Prime Minister met your President a couple of days ago. Big news here and pretty much nowhere else, I’m guessing.”

    Not only did I not know of this meeting, but I’m gonna guess most Americans think Paul Hogan is your Prime Minister.

    Those who don’t think it’s Paul Hogan will guess Greg Norman or Angus Young.

    The rest don’t know where Australia is.

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