State of Excitement!

The W.A. flag. That’s a black swan, folks.


we Western Australians are supposed to celebrate something called Foundation Day on June the 1st. However this is the kind of thing that you can’t get an entire community behind anymore. Politics, see.

So because Mr Trivia’s Tract is about uniting all the people of the world in a dance of joy, I propose to celebrate something about Western Australia in which the people of this great state can feel a warm, glow of pride.

Perth is home to Central Park tower which ranks 105th on a listing of the world’s top 200 tallest buildings! 105! Woohoo!


One hundred and fifth tallest building in the WORLD! Boo-YAH!

Check out the stats here, and sit back in awe, wonder and quiet contemplation at the science, technology and sheer West Aussie know-how that produced this glittering jewel in the crown of Australian Architecture.

Elevate the Magnificent,

Mr Trivia

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  1. We-ell… among other things, we can be proud of the fact that we have the only non-official state motto in Australia: “Cygnus Insignis” or “Distinguished For Swans”.
    That’s right, it’s a pun. Our state motto is a pun. Them crazy colonists back in 1829.

  2. What I find really amazing is that Captain James Stirling – on a return visit through his Swan River tributaries, met Ellen when she was just a little girl.

    He patiently waited for years so that he could legally marry the beautiful rosebud and on her sixteenth birthday, he did just that. He was just thirty-two himself. Wasn’t he the gentleman?

    There is a monument to their love just opposite the Ellenbrook High School. Some say his ghost walks Pinaster Avenue – just waiting for the school to be populated with more fine young . . . ladies in waiting.

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