Gorbys’ Last Stand

Gorby’s back in the day, rockin’ hard at the 2006 Million Paws March, St James Mitchell Park, South Perth. Or maybe not.


I’m afraid the rumours are true. My band, Dancing With Gorbachev (DWG) have split, owing to irreconcilable indifference on the part of Society.

Was our rock too confronting?
Was our truth too hard to bear?

Were our harmonies just too sweet?

The best review we ever got was this: “Youse guys are 100% uncompromising, four on the floor, straight down the line, meat and potatoes, balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, rock and f**king roll.” That was our drummer Vik Suprotik’s gran.
Thanks for that!

Let me leave you with the lyrics to a song that Pedrag, Zlatko and I wrote. It’s in the style of Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police”. It’s called “Depthy”.

It’s time to put out the garbage.
It’s time to put out the trash.

Say goodbye to yesteryear.
And flick off the cigarette’s ash.

Goodbye you losers,
We’re so dep-thy!

Goodbye kind friends,
We’re so dep-thy

You’ll never forget us,
Your memories won’t let us…

Leeeeeeeeeave youuuuu!

Cos we’re deeply depthy,

so deeply, deeply depthy
but we’re endearingly

Thanks to you all.

Rock On!

Mr Trivia

p.s. If you missed the story of my band(s), then you can re-live the highs and lows; the whole poignant saga in the following blog entries:

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0 thoughts on “Gorbys’ Last Stand

  1. I am deeply saddened by the demise of Dancing with Gorbachev. I had been hoping that the band would agree to headline one of the festivals next year. Any chance of a reunion? I’ll promise you a great rider – free pretzels, beer and hand towels. How about it?

  2. Thanks Mrs Moz,

    That’s just the sort of encouragement and support we need. We’ve never had free pretzels before. We’ve never even had a rider before – so that in itself would be huge.

    I’ll have to talk with Vik Suprotik’s gran, she wants to reunite so she can manage us on the Perth Lawn Bowls circuit.

    She says we’d have to do Big Pig, Little Heroes and Eurogliders covers, so me and the boys are still mulling it over.


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