Rocking Your World


This is Rock and Roll’s First Family, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. They are officially awesome. They enter a depleted Celebrity Zone that has had to make do with the pathetic antics of tweenie idols such as Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. Body image problems, partying too hard, heading for rehab, getting bitten by a freakin’ kinkajou. Pah! Who cares?

Now Mr and Mrs Rock are officially hitched, I believe that we can look forward to some serious star-power burning up the pages of the tabloids.

Did you see the wedding photos? They could barely stand! These kids in the mags, they’re wasting our time with their adolescent shenanigans which, frankly, are no more than giving their parents a very safe ‘up yours’.

Pamela and Kid Rock on the other hand, have been doing this for years. They will come up with good stuff. Even now they would be workshopping and thinking of the merch opportunities. They are experts in their field.

Don’t try any of their lifestyle choices at home, kids.

Elevate the insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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