Is It Just Me? # 1

Is it Just Me…

Or is According to Jim the laziest sitcom ever made, with the least charismatic star?

Maybe it’s just me.

Mr Trivia

ABOVE: Courtney Thorne Smith joins the US sitcom conspiracy to convince pudgy, emotionally-distant men, that it is these very qualities that attract hot babes (see King of Queens as further example).

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  1. Hi Carla,

    The alleged sitcom “How I Met your Mother” is painful ’tis true, but I would put it in another category that I have named arbitrarily as “an attempt at Seinfeld for GenerationY’.

    If we accept the premise (that I have plucked out of the air) that Seinfeld was basically a Boomer/Gen X sitcom (older Xers like mysel, anyway) then I believe “How I met Your Mother” is trying to take in a similar audience but skewing say ten to fifteen years younger.

    It attempts long character arcs, it attempts quirkiness, it is peopled by actors who have been better and funnier on other shows. It has pretensions to middlebrowness, but it’s just too ‘nice’ – even when it tries to be dirty it’s too nice.

    But I haven’t seen it in a while, it might have got a lot worse.

    Thanks for playing “Is it Me?”, CARLA, our next round is just around the corner.

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