Is It Just Me? #2

Is It Just Me, Zeitgeisters,

Or are you a little disappointed by the latest news from the International Space Station?

I was sussing out the ABC Science News in the right hand column of this here blog when I read “Astronauts Begin To Extend Space Station”. It wasn’t what I had hoped.

Two Discovery astronauts have stepped out into space for the first of three spacewalks to install a new metal structure to the International Space Station (ISS).

A NASA spokesman says Robert Curbeam and Sweden’s first astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, are expected to spend about six hours in space.

The two will bolt the two-tonne truss segment, called P5 spacer, to the ISS, bringing its total length to 120 metres.

A truss segment? I was thinking a billards room, a jacuzzi, possibly a dedicated area for the hard-core gamers to dehydrate whilst playing World of Warcraft.

And why is it a two-tonne truss segment? Christer Fuglesang is a Swede, surely he could have negotiated for something lighter and flat-packed from the good people of IKEA?

Elevate The Truss Segment

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