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Hi Zeitgeisters,


It’s Christmas here in our part of the Southern Hemisphere. For the first time, rather than Christmas cards, I have received a number of Yuletide SMSs on the telephone. I’d rather have a Merry Acknowledgement than not have one – and a tree doesn’t have to die when you text message – but it’ll take some adjusting to.


For various reasons that I don’t want to go into here, I’ve spent a lot of time glued to the small screen in the last three days. I’ve seen a whole bunch of old movies on disc in that time – everything from TWO TICKETS TO BROADWAY (1951) to LOCAL HERO (1983). Mainly, I was avoiding Christmas television, however in between DVD changes I did catch this gem during a Carols-By-Candlelight- type of show from Channel 10’s Sandra Sully, “You know, famous writer Aldous Huxley once said : After silence, the closest thing that expresses the inexpressible is music.”

Do you think she writes her own material? How can we find out?


Regular readers might recall that in the previous post I suggested that my genius headline to the Tara Conner/Donald Trump story – “You’re Not Fired” – might not be all that clever, in fact, somewhat Zeitgeist-y.

I just did a Google search of the phrase “you’re not fired” – minus the quote marks – and found 75 headline hits out of the first potential 100; all were related to the Conner/Trump news.

So y’see I was right. I need a moment here to bask smugly.

Merry Christmas to youse all!

Mr Trivia

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