What Noise Annoys A Curmudgeon?

Hail Zeigeisters,

Had dinner with a friend (The Artist Formerly Known As Itchy Shoes) in North Perth today. We had schnapper and freedom fires at the upscale (geddit) chippery, PHISH, on the corner of Kadina Street and Charles Street in North Perth.

Since Western Australia is back in Daylight Savings Time for the first time in years, everyone seems to be lingering and doing the alfresco dining thing all over the Perth; we always do in summer, but with sunset effectively around 8.30 at present, there’s a lot more pre-Christmas sloth and hedonism to be crammed into those precious 60 minutes at the end of the day.

So Itchy and I were waiting for our food and could not help but notice that some bogan in a silver Toyota who thought that being parked ten feet away and blaring out ACDC’s BACK IN BLACK from his stereo was acceptable behaviour.

Did these people never get asked to keep it down as they were growing up? Why do some folks feel it’s okay to live in a flat and play their music or argue at full volume? This might be acceptable in whatever Trailer Park these noisy morons were raised in, but out here in the civilised world where we actually have to get on with other people, disturbing your neighbours with your thoughtlessly loud conversations, music, etc., is a sign that you’re not yet ready for human cohabitation.

Elevate The Insignificant
Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “What Noise Annoys A Curmudgeon?

  1. You speak the truth, Mr Trivia. But i’d wager neither you or anyone else stood up and walked on over to those slobs and told them what was what.

    You’re a member of a passive-aggressive cult to the Individual.

    Hmmm, thinkaboutit. *nods thoughtfully*

  2. You wager correctly Carla, but not for the reasons you think.

    Check tomorrow’s post for the rest of the story!

    Mr Trivia

    p.s. The above deleted comment is just the same as the one you see here – I just went back to add an apostrophe and a comma, There’s just something about the ‘deleted comment’ that suggests mystery, intrigue and intemperate kneejerk reaction. Not the case, I assure you.

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