Cold Comfort

A Cold Food Vending Machine*

Hi Zeitgeisters,

This won’t please Matt, the Alaskan reader who posted a comment over at Ask Mr Trivia saying how damned cold it was in his neck of the world, but in Perth, Western Australia tonight, it was around 21 degrees Celsius. (That’s 69.8° Fahrenheit and 294.15 Kelvin, for those who want to know).

So naturally, I was eating a cold herring-fillet on toast, which was also cold (because I like cold toast) and wondering if I should put a spoonful of cold baked beans on top of this gorgeous creation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the delicacy baked beans, they are navy beans, marinated in tomato sauce, in this case by the Heinz company. The temperature of these cuckoo legumes was the issue, not the culinary aesthetics of my actions.

Should I nuke said beans in the microwave? I wondered. A little voice inside, whom I call Purcell – Destroyer of Worlds – said, “No, Mr Trivia, these beans, too, should be cold, thus serving up an awesome, chilled trifecta of low-temperature tastiness.” I rarely cross Purcell, and this time was no exception. I ate the beans cold and was happy to do so.

However, it led to this question:

What Foods Are Just As Good,
If Not Better,
When Served Cold?

By this I mean cooked, rather than raw food. Some people swear pizza is better after it has spent a night in the fridge. Others say you can’t go past cold Chinese food. I quite like chocolate straight from the Kelvinator.

So what does it for you, folks? Let us know. Be like Alaskan Matt, hit that comment button (I know it isn’t a button, I’m into hyperbole and fantasy, as if that needed saying…)

Refrigerate the Insignificant!

Mr Trivia

* Need a vending machine that keeps cold food cold within its icy depths? Well you can’t go past a technologically superior, and let’s face it, aesthetically bold, vending machine from American Food and Vending. Tell ‘em Mr Triv sent ya.

0 thoughts on “Cold Comfort

  1. cold apples. Friend of mine used to have an orchard and eating apples out of the cold storage room on a hot day was awesome. You get brain freezes and everything.

  2. Korean Kimchee. Nice and cold and yet it still fries every single organ in your body it passes through, from mouth to.. Um.. You get the idea… 🙂

  3. custard. not nasty carton custard, because that’s nothing but a pale imitation. real home made custard the morning after it was made, refrigerated to a thick, jelly-like consistency. My dad used to get up early for shift work and eat it all. bastard.

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