who among us hasn’t plugged their name into Google to see how many mentions one cracks?

You haven’t?

I’ll just hang on here until you do.

A word of warning, though, the wise old saying “Evesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves” sometimes applies to ego- surfing.

Sidebar to this: if you have a common Anglo-Celtic name you will discover that you are a Professor of Chemical Engineering at a college in the Midwest of the United States . Or in my case, my actual name, the one I don’t mention*, is also shared with the lead singer of a five piece soul outfit in London. Elsewhere, we are also an anti-globalisation activist, which sounds like the kind of annoying ratbag I merely dream of being here in my Australian incarnation.

Elevate the Insignificant,
Mr Trivia

* I don’t mention it, because like John Connor in Terminator 3, I have to remain Off The Grid. I tried to explain this to the Tax Department today but the customer service rep “Nicholas” insisted in ignoring me and kept asking whether I had received an activity statement. Pah!

0 thoughts on “Ego-Surfing

  1. Heh yeah I’m guilty of ego surfing. I always hope to find a webpage about me with paparazzi photos.

    There is however another thing sort of simular to this called “THE SITEMETER”. It’s that little thing you add to your blog that tells you all about the people that have visited and where they have visited from (it even provides you with detailed information about their countries). You have these lovely pie charts, world maps and traffic predictions.

    This is great to get your mind off that the phone isn’t ringing because you know that 7 people per day are going to visit you and maybe one of them will be from italy (who accidently clicked onto your blog).

  2. Yeah, I try to check mine once a week. But that takes will power.

    I like the fact that sometimes someone from Unknown Country visits.

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