Modern Life Is Rubbish

Hey Zeitgeisters,

BLUR certainly hit on the head with that one. And why pray tell, Mr Trivia, is it so trashy?

You know those pop-up flash games that the ‘net so generously provides when you’re having a surf? Blah Insurance invites you to whack a frog with a nine-iron to see how far it can fly – that sort of thing?

I just came across one that suggested I might like to: tickle the fat kid til he barfs.

The fat kid in question is animated, has a mohawk and wears a t-shirt that says “I heart cake” and the prize for tickling the kid – with a convenient feather – is a free ringtone.

So I do it, I’m one of Pavlov’s dogs or maybe I’m just a sheep. I tickle the fat kid with a feather. After a few seconds there’s movement, but before there’s any peristaltic action, the kid pees himself and only then projectile vomits straight into the air.

Sure, we left political correctness behind somewhere after DRAWN TOGETHER, on the road to Fallujah, but COME ON!

And no, I didn’t collect my free ringtone.

Expectorate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Modern Life Is Rubbish

  1. Is there an ethical point of difference between the online represtations of tickling a fat boy until he vomits and the transference of similarly motivated real life behaviour?

    I’d be interested in you thoughts,

    btw if you strongly feel that this behaviour is more reprehensible in the real world, let me know as I will be waiting in your office with an osterich feather on Tuesday morning.

  2. Can the fantasy version of the puking fat boy lead to the same thing in real life? Very possibly.

    BTW Thanks for the offer ANONYMOUS. But I can’t accept a tickle from a stranger.

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