Answer Rhymes With Dancer

Imagine confronting these bad-asses at your kid’s Parent-Teacher night.


It would indeed take a churl to point out that the current incarnation of INXS, with JD Fortune as lead singer, has some of the most generic pop songs one has heard in donkeys’ years.

The massively successful album SWITCH has yielded Pretty Vegas, Afterglow, Devil’s Party and Perfect Strangers (if you live in Oz). Now the plodding Never Let You Go is cluttering up polite airways everywhere with its mid-tempo shout out to Certified Practicing Accountants who have lost their PDAs.

The chorus kicks out the jams. The words speak of a heartache many of us have known, but few could express better than this:

If someday I find me the answer, move down south and marry a dancer
I could never let you go
And when he’s holding you, you remember the day I met you, one cold December
I could never let you go
Oh, I could never let you go

And we can never let you go, INXS, especially with your new found brio for performing and paying off school-fees and mortgages.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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