‘Fro Back

(Clockwise from top left) Sayer, Sebastian, Stockdale & Dorset



Australian band WOLFMOTHER has just taken out the Grammy for best hard rock performance for their song Woman.

MR TRIVIA’s TRACT believes this award represents the last obstacle standing in the way of the full mainstreaming of the Australian trio. This in itself is of no interest to us. The collateral damage is where our focus lies.

The complete mainstreaming of WOLFMOTHER will bring about the peak and fall of the modern ‘fro. The ‘fro is of course, the Afro, which took off in the 1960s as a hairstyle for African American women and men. It was mainstreamed in the 1970s and even had a ‘Jewish’ version, sometimes called an Isro, sported by celebrities of the era including WELCOME BACK KOTTER’s Gabe Kaplan and comic actor Gene Wilder.

Other notable ‘fros from the world of 1970s entertainment included Ray Dorset’s (vocalist MUNGO JERRY) and singer Leo Sayer’s. Eventually we tired of the hairy halo and for years the ‘fro became a fashion joke and there were even ‘fro wigs in every good novelty store.

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noted a number of male ‘fro growers in the last five years. The ‘noughties has seen a recycling of this heinous follicular fad.

In Australia, Guy Sebastian, 2003 AUSTRALIAN IDOL winner, was a notable ‘fro sporter, but was probably perceived as too nice or bland, depending on your prejudices, to really kick this style back into fashion.

However, now WOLFMOTHER is officially the hottest rock act on the planet, everyone, even your grandfather will be emulating the band’s vocalist/guitarist, Andrew Stockdale.

Get in quick, though, because by New Year’s Day 2008, we predict the ‘fro-volution will be over.

Elevate The Insignificant.

Mr Trivia

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