Full Moon Fever

first saw this in the RSS feed on the RHS of this here blog (and no, I don’t get tired of repeating that jaded phrase); US Astronaut Charged with Trying To Kidnap ‘Love Rival’. It concerns US astronaut Lisa Nowak being charged with attacking and attempting to kidnap a woman whom she thought was her ‘love rival’ for another astronaut, William Oefelein.

You gotta read the story. It’s sordid. If you take in all the stuff that was in her car, it gets even worse. It’s a little like some parallel universe episode of COPS.

COP 1: What is your occupation, ma’am?

NOWAK: I’m an astronaut.

COP 1: I will ask you again, what is your occupation?

NOWAK: Astronaut. I flew on the space shuttle Discovery.

COP 2: It would be better for you if you fully co-operate.

COP 1: We don’t want to find out later that you’re lying.

COP 2: We can stay here all night, if necessary ma’am.

Your mind grabs the word ‘astronaut’ because we hold the notion of such a person in high esteem. It’s worlds colliding, people. Crime and Space – The Final Frontier. This could be the very thing NASA needs to keep it in the forefront of public awareness and therefore government funding.

It looks like it’s time to go tabloid.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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