Is It Just Me? #4

GSOH? We question this.


Chicks dig Channel Nine’s Jules Lund. He’s eye candy for women. Check it out on-line, they think he’s a hottie. Ask your GF or SO, if you don’t believe me.

Here at The Tract, we acknowledge carnal lust as the driving force in casting for television and movies. We are just monkeys with ambition, after all.

But is it just me or has anyone else noticed how The Lund never seems to get a punch-line right? He’s exactly like that mate of yours, or your slightly naff brother-in-law who always goes for the tagline, but only pulls off, at best, 1 in 50.

You groan inwardly as your best mate/brother-in-law attempts yet another poorly thought out quip or rejoinder. You wonder why he never gets that no-one thinks he’s funny and everyone thinks he’s a bit of a try-hard. You think maybe he should store it all up and put it on a blog (See what I did there? That’s how I got my boy scout Rhetoric badge.)

The main difference is that your mate-slash-brother-in-law doesn’t make big bucks presenting television. The Lund seems to be missing this important item from his presenter’s toolkit. Or is it just me?

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