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Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to watch television in a non-hip, non-ironic way. You’ve been at work all day, you don’t want to surf the ‘net, you just want to watch a straight-forward drama that is not demanding and offers no insights into the human condition.

Tonight, I watched a full episode of THE OC for the second time ever. I figure having missed the entire thing, the least I could do was to check out the final three episodes. There was an earthquake. Possibly “The Big One”. The rest of the quake will be in next week’s final 2 hour ep.

Let’s just say the portrayal of this particular natural disaster was pretty weak. Irwin Allen-weak (ask your father). Is it because they only had a few bucks to spend on a series that everyone knows is already axed?

The personal highpoint of my evening watching the box; Abby’s line on NCIS: “I hug and kiss technology.” Yet another reason why she’s a fave with us geeks.

I’m pretty sure that I love my iPod.

Elevate The Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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