Celebrating The Brother AX-10


Many moons ago, I used to write on a Brother AX-10 typewriter that my parents bought for me for on one of my birthdays. This goes into my Top Five List of Greatest Gifts That I Ever Received (Childhood/Adolescent Division).

The Brother AX-10 was awesome because it could – get this – erase about a sentence and a half with this miracle dry ‘white-out’ ribbon. For those of you raised exclusively on computers, this meant ‘no cut and paste’. I know. It was scary. Writing that one hardcopy while sabre-toothed tigers prowled outside the cave, was quite the ordeal.

My AX-10 was grey, I think the photo above is the American model. Anyhow, I’d like to Celebrate this old piece o’ tech from a bygone era, because I thought it was great at the time and I wrote a lot of stuff on the one I owned.

Thanks Mum and Dad

Mr Trivia

P.S. Tech-Geeks if the above is not an AX-10. Let me know, please.

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