For Your Consideration #1

Oscar Buzz doesn’t just happen. As Peter Biskind was keen to tell us in his book Down and Dirty Pictures, often-times one, or one’s studio has to manufacture it.

We here at Mr Trivia’s Tract, would like to get the ball rolling to see if we can influence The Zeitgeist enough, so that a candidate of our choosing can nab Oscar gold in 2008.

We will go over some names with you in the coming weeks to see if any one of them sounds – or more importantly feels – like a winner. We don’t want to disperse our chi on this one, so we would like to propose concentrating on the Best Actress or Best Actor award.

This year these awards went to Hellen Mirren (The Queen) and Forest Whittaker (The Last King of Scotland) respectively. Next year? Who knows? (See our 2007 Oscar recap)

For your consideration today is Seann William Scott (he of the superfluous letter ‘n’), Seann is best known for playing the rather one-note and frankly unfunny role of Stifler in the American Pie franchise.

His poor choice of acting vehicles makes our job so much more difficult and so much more worthy if we are sucessful. Check out the way he’s smoking that coffin nail in the top image. Man, he looks uncomfortable. This frozen sample of Seann’s charismatic performative skills should persuade at least some of you that he can make it to centre stage in the Kodak Theatre next February.

According to IMdb Seann has just completed Trainwreck:My Life as an Idiot, is filming Gary The Tennis Coach and has done voicework on the animated feature Space Chimps.

It doesn’t sound too promising, sure, but if we all just get behind Seann and concentrate our collective will, then we could flap a metaphorical butterfly wing and create an Oscar upset in Mr Scott’s favour.

Or perhaps you will choose one of the others.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

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