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Here’s a pic of the DYNASTY cast reunion from April 2006. I believe they reunited for this photograph, but didn’t tape a special – DYNASTY RELOADED or somesuch.

For those of you who might not remember the show, it was set in the Korean War and focussed on the activities of a moblie army surgical hospital. The series followed the lives of the medical staff who used humour to help them through their grim task – patching up young soldiers who were injured on the front-line. This tragic-comic half-hour broke new ground in American network television and the final episode – “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” in which the characters of Krystle and Alexis played by Linda Evans and Joan Collins respectively, fought and fell into a swimming pool, remains the highest rated episode of a night-time soap opera in US television history.

Some confuse this show with MASH, a vapid hour-long sitcom which detailed the lives of the super rich Colby and Carrington families. The frankly ludicrous story situations centred around the activities of Walter “Radar” O’Reilly who had an almost psychic ability to tell if the market was about to go into a boom or bust cycle.

The two shows did overlap for a period in the early 1980s, but are as different as the actors Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster. This pair of macho stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age were so frequently mistaken for each other during their career, that they made the movie TANGO AND CASH as a kind of in-joke and affectionate portrayal of the gangster movies of yesteryear.

P.S. I haven’t slept for 36 hours, so the above may contain some slight factual errors which I shall attend when I wake in about 36 hours.

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