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My brother and I were geeking out to HEROES a couple of nights back. I hadn’t watched the series at all (we’re up to ep. 7 in Oz) and I was enjoying watching it unfold. It’s clearly a post-LOST series; an ensemble drama with a large cast that all have major plotlines and back-story, but to counter the major criticism of LOST, it pays out information more rapidly.

The thing that occurred to me was very minor, so naturally I will have to share. There was the obligatory scene where one of the good guys, Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), brings the cops back to an apartment that has a lot of suspicious stuff in it, that could help put them on the trail of his murdered father. And of course, by the time the police get there, the apartment has been cleaned out completely. Not a stick of furniture, not a filament of hair.

Thing is, in Australia, when you have to clean out the place you’ve rented, even if you have, say, a week to do it, and even if you’re really diligent because you need to get your bond money back, some eagle-eyed property agent will usually find something to bitch about.

There will be a small glob of fat inside the range hood that will be visible only if you remove the filters and climb inside with a 1000w torch. Or dust in the far corner of the top shelf of the built-in-robes in the master bedroom.

I think if the cops have a property-agent on stand-by there would be no way that the bad guys can pull this particular swifty. This is how I see it; the police bust into an apparently empty apartment. Nothing is visible to the naked eye. They send in the property agent. Their report will be clear: “Signs of nefarious deeds in airing cupboard on landing,” or perhaps “Evidence of massive conspiracy being covered-up behind planter in the atrium.”

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  1. The Mohinder Suresh character is the most laziest written. He has an ability to work things out is by chucking a tantrum or by accidently finding things. He’s hardly like Batman, the worlds greatest detective. (I wonder If Bruce Wayne bought that title for batman). I imagine him doing a test in school where he would yell “WHY CAN’T I IMPRESS MY FATHER, THIS IS MADNESS” he would throw down his pencil and as it lands on the page it crosses all the right boxes.

  2. I agree. His crazy edge up to around ep 6 is also a disincentive for an audience to maintain interest. the idea that he has a quest to fulfill is simply not enough.

    As usual, the way to get us to care is to break his character down a bit and let us see what makes him tick. So far the father thing just plays out like a “blame loop”. The one-note anger of the character makes him an enigma but not one you have any interested in exploring.

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