This Just In….

Zeitgeisters, according to ABC on-line:

The Federal Government has appointed Ziggy Switkowski as the chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).Mr Switkowski was appointed to the board of ANSTO in 2006 and headed up Prime Minister John Howard’s task force into nuclear energy last year.The federal Science Minister, Julie Bishop*, has told Channel Nine that Cabinet approved the appointment on Friday. “He is a very fine Australian,” she said. “He brings a great intellect and commitment to his work and I believe he will be an ideal choice to head up ANSTO as we move into this period of seriously discussing nuclear power as an alternative to coal.” (emphasis added.)

I dunno. Is there any alternative to coal that doesn’t have the potential of dangerous side effects? Isn’t this the kind of DUMB-ARSE THINKING that got us in this MESS in the FIRST PLACE? (see previous entry for more hysteria.)

Mr Trivia promises he will lie down in a corner with a wet towel over his head and chew a couple of Mersyndol. No more political rants for awhile.

Elevate etc…


* The Fed Science Minister will now be referred to as The Bishop in this blog.

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