Whiskers On Kittens


As you know, we are nothing if not deep at Mr Trivia’s tract. When I am not pretending to be Barry Bostwick or playing Cat Stevens’ hit Father and Son on my work computer to impress people with my sensitivity, I am making up lists of my favourite things.

Currently, these are my few of my Favourite Things…

2.The Internet
3.My iPod
4.My digital camera

Co-incidentally this turns out to be the same list as controversial ex-Western Australian Premier and lobbyist Brian Burke. Okay, democracy wasn’t on his list and his Motorola* phone was, but apart from that, the similarity is striking and merely fictional.

What, friend, would currently make it on your favourite things list?

Elevate The Insignificant

Mr Trivia

* Who knows what Burkie’s actual mobi of choice is?

0 thoughts on “Whiskers On Kittens

  1. I can confirm that Brian Burke’s offsider Julian Grill has a Blackberry. Apparently if you take the battery out, the CCC bugs don’t work as they rely on the hosts devices power supply.

    As the Prime Minster has clearly outlined this week Mr Burke does possess omnipotence, I’m sure he just thinks really hard and people hear his voice.

    For the record,

    My 5 favorite things,

    Whiskers off kittens
    George A Miller’s 1956 ‘Magic Number 7’ article
    Going wild like a blister in the sun

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