Wonders In Wool

Shatner – “Stand A Little Less Between Me…And…The Sun”.


We all love Aussie Wool. It makes fine sweaters, cardigans and jumpers as well as suits and other apparel that I have not bothered to research at this juncture. However, how many of us ever think of using it as a medium for art?

Witness William Shatner from Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan; Julie The Bishop” Bishop MP, Federal Minsister for Education, Science and Training – as you’ve never seen them before; runner-up portraits in this weekend’s Archibald Prize? They wish.

These two pictures may appear, at first glance, to be nothing more than photographic images altered with the Photoshop filter “dry brush”. And yet, when I tell you that each of these is a hand-woven image using tens of thousands of strands of 100% Australian Wool, you might not believe me.

You might even call me a down-right liar, when I tell you that I made these in 2006, during the hundreds of hours that I tirelessly watched the telly, especially NCIS, CSI and What Not To Wear (with Trinny and Susanna). And that naming the portraits after Diogenes’ quotes was an idea I got from watching a story on philosophy done by Nitro on Channel Nine’s The Shak.

You could even call my tale a baseless fabrication invented by a delusional blogger who has finally lost the ability to distinguish his fevered dreams from reality – but have you just sold two woollen portraits to the Guggenheim Museum for millions of US dollars? I thought not.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

The Bishop – “He has the most who is most content with the least”

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