Party Off!


I just looked under the Party Shuffle section of my iTunes – as locations go it’s a place like my local public library – I know it exists, but I rarely bother to visit. I don’t know what algorithmic wonder-formula it employs to extract certain songs from the play list and use ‘em to get this theoretical party started, but I think there’s a glitch in the system

It’s got all of the Hill Top Hoods songs, of which there are but a handful, but only one of ACDC songs, of which there are many. Cliff Richard (Wired For Sound) is in, but no Arctic Monkeys and no Aretha Franklin.

If iTunes Party Shuffle really knew what an introvert I am, then my Radiohead and Smiths songs would be in the Shuffle and not flippin’ Butterfingers and Nik Kershaw – not that you thought I was cool, but that really tears it.

The omissions go on, no Basement Jaxx, no Stereo MCs, but ALL of The Waifs. What kind of party are we having here?

Right, Party Shuffle. You clearly have no more idea of how to have a good time than I do. From now on, we’re splitsville.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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  1. Tim,

    Although reading anything even vaguely algebraic makes me feel grumpy, that was a good article.

    There was actually an episode of NUMB3RS recently that referred to random algorthims and the human tendency to find patterns where there are none. The show r3f3r3nc3d the shuffle funtion on the iPod, but alss didn’t go into ‘five-starred’ tracks versus lower rated ones.

    And yes, before y’all put in your two cents worth – NUMB3RS is pretty bad.

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