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here’s an idea whose time is still coming . Posted in Boing Boing today was this photograph of an old CD spindle holding a bagel lunch. Someone obviously thought this was clever, though I’m not sure why. When you click through from Boing Boing, you end up on Flick’r where the above image is revealed as “bagel to go” by Rodrigo Piwonka.

It’s an okay concept, if you’re concerned that the hole of your bagel might become obstructed by the bagel’s filling during transportation. I guess its that fear – mobifillingaphobia – that would persuade someone to employ this method of food storage rather than say just putting your bagel into – I dunno – Tupperware?

Taken further, one might choose to bring ricecakes to work in a DVD cover or maybe use an old casette tape box as a kind of raincoat for a packet of Tic-Tacs. Then again, one might use … Tupperware, people.

This idea is geek-sexy, tops. Which is why its on Boing-Boing.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Tupper Nuff

  1. Dear Mr Trivia,

    Rather than book a whole party of you, i am after just one piece, do Tupperware manufacture a CD spindle to keep my digital photographs in? Something in lime would be lovely.

  2. Unfortunately we don’t, perhaps a trip to Officeworks and checking out the blank media provided by Sony, Imation, TDK, or Verbatim would help you locate a spindle of the style and colour you require.

    Good Luck!

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