All Ords Rising


Well Zeitgeisters,

Our Prime Minister, John Howard, recently kicked off a series of Liberal policies speeches entitled Australia Rising. The title has a US feel – imagine “America Rising” and is of course very heavily about economics, which is the PM playing to his strength. He’s won all his election battles of the last decade using his economic nous and he may win the next one this way, too.

Despite my disagreeing with every word he uttered (no surprises there) it’s a very cleverly crafted speech. The only section that really peaked my interest, in terms of perplexing nuttiness, was near the end where he once again doesn’t quite get the notion of climate change. He says, “History shows that economic growth and technological change have given mankind not just greater material wealth, but also cleaner air and water.“

Economic growth and technology made the water and air cleaner? History really shows us that?

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for him, he doesn’t elaborate on this intriguing statement. It does suggest that before Capitalism arrives on the scene with the twin gifts of economic growth and technological change, that Mother Nature might be a little lax in caring for the environment.

Filthy water making you nauseous? Just hit it with a drop of Dow Jones. Dirty air making you cough? Neutralise that with a little NASDAQ.

Read just how Australia will continue to rise, here.

Elevate the Insignificant,

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  1. Oh leave the poor guy alone. We British drank beer because the water was so horrid. Well, not me … my forefathers. “Mother Nature?” Ha! More like “Nasty Bitch”.

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