Coiffure Fury

I don’t mind it when Miss Raspberry Beret asks me if what she’s wearing is hot, happening, kicking out the jams, etc. This is a dread area for many guys but I’ve watched enough Trinny and Susannah or QUEER EYE to give it a red hot go.

However, I can’t answer any of her questions about hair. Freakin’ hair. A Woman’s Crowning Glory etc. When posited a follicular styling question, I revert to being Mr C from HAPPY DAYS, or Fred Mertz from I LOVE LUCY or Fred MacMurray from MY THREE SONS (more on MacMurray soon). That is to say, as hapless as any iconic 1950s television husband when faced with something feminine.

So the other day we’re getting ready to go out and Miss RB says, “I don’t know what to do with my hair. What do you think?” I try severally to weasel out of it. I distract with light chat about climate change. I attempt to make it a feminist issue that simply doesn’t involve my input. “But I value your opinion,” Miss RB says. So I employ hyperbole. “This conversation is making my organs bleed,” I whine. Finally I draw the line in the sand, “I genuinely don’t have an opinion about this,” I said.

“Of course you have an opinion,” she replied, “You’re a blogger – you have an opinion about everything.”

Hoist by my petard.

Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Coiffure Fury

  1. Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

    Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

    Biby Cletus

  2. Hail,

    Thanks for your comments biby cletus, I checked out your site, too – very comprehensive and entertaining and with a lot of traffic. I don’t think I can recall meeting anyone with more than 23,000 profile views!

    Always pleased to meet new people on the www.

    Glad to amuse graeme, I hope this means you’re back in the saddle blogwise – I will check!

  3. MT,

    Hair is very important to us women. And men too (when they start losing it) I can’t offer you a formula in terms of a response but respond you must!

  4. Yes I hear the wisdom of your words. Although I would rather join John Howard’s “nuclear power will reduce greenhouse gases campaign” then do this, respond I must.

    Nice to hear from you Mrs Moz!

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