For Your Consideration #2



This is part 2 in an occasional series about the run to next year’s Oscars. And dammit its not too early. As I explained before, it’s the power of zeitgeist that could net these apparent Oscar Outsiders the coveted small, gold bald guy. This, that is to say us, and a word-of-mouth campaign started here, rather than mere talent, could snag someone the entertainment universe’s most coveted touchstone of validation! Glory, glory!

Paris Hilton. What can we say that hasn’t already been said? She’s the It girl who produces nothing but whose every step is lit by the flickering light of a thousand flash bulbs. She’s the icon of a culture that celebrates the way things look and the emotional sound-bite over achievement and rational thought.

She deserves her own Oscar category.

Unfortunately since her turn in the remake of HOUSE OF WAX(2005) her only roles are in a film called BOTTOMS UP (2006) and a National Lampoon flick called PLEDGE THIS! (2006). We can probably let go of the latter film as an Oscar contender, but check out the plot of BOTTOMS UP according to IMdB:

“Owen Peadman (Jason Mewes) is a Minnesota bartender who arrives in Los Angeles to try to help his father raise money to save his small restaurant. Owen shacks up with his gay uncle Earl (David Keith) and tries to integrate himself into the high society of Hollywood where a chance run-in with a wealthy socialite named Lisa Mancini (Paris Hilton) and her uptight actor boyfriend Hayden Field (Brian Hallisey). Owen, using a little influence and blackmail, gets a taste of the fast and sordid and scandalous lifestyles of the Hollywood upper crust while dealing with his growing romantic feelings he has for Lisa.”

Sounds like Oscar Gold to me, people.

Let the chattering begin!

Mr Trivia

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