Radio Songs


Here’s the scenario:

You’re driving and you’ve got the radio on. You’re nearing home. You are right into the song you’re listening to. You can choose to either arrive home and stop the car mid-song or you can take a slightly longer route to your driveway and thereby catch the end of the song.

What song have you ever driven just a little bit longer to hear the end of? Or if you’re not a car person, what song do you always have to hear all the way to the end no matter where you are or what you’re doing?

I have been known to do this for anything from the “Gos-Gos’We Got The Beat through to Silverchair’s Straight Lines. So don’t hold back.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

p.s. The top five favourite things responses from many moons ago, are below.

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  1. what gets me about Avril Lavigne’s new song/video is does she not see the danger of starting a new relationship this way? Doesn’t she realise that if she does succeed in stealing that emo hunk of man cake away from the snooty red head with glasses, how easily she can loose him again the second some punk -lite 15 year old with a guitar and half a vocubulary comes along? Because if the song/video proves anything it’s “if you can fall for Avril Lavigne, you can fall for any old tosser with irritatingly high self regard”

  2. Chuck,

    1. Word.

    2. The set up in the song is clear. The “character’s” POV is that she is better than the current girlfriend and better than the boyfriend she wants. She “knows” he’s thinking of her. She doesn’t want to hear the old girlfriend’s name ever again… STALKER anyone?

    It was a smart move for Avril to play all the main girl parts in the video because it misdirects cleverly from the psychoticfreak BS of the lyrics.

    Thanks for yer comment.

  3. Chuck,

    I’ve read your blog. It was most illuminating. I had no idea we’d met! And in a way we still haven’t.

    Seeing as how you’re a writer, maybe you can help me crack this script idea I had recently for a sci-fi flick. A guy dreams of the future constantly, predictive visions, but he’s wrong 75% of the time. And the 25% he;s right, something really nice happens to his step-Dad whom he despises.

    Food for thought, there, surely…

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