Skivvy, Biker Man & Louise

Zeitgeisters, I was buying groceries this evening at my local Super IGA store. I was behind a couple in the dairy aisle. She looked early 20s, tall, blonde, wearing jeans, a scarf and a skivvy. He was late 20s, tall, blonde wearing jeans and a biker jacket. – they were a cute couple, catalogue material. I could also see a very attractive young woman, early 20s, dressed in a black leather jacket and skirt, her hair in a bob – a la Louise Brooks. Biker Man caught sight of Louise and more or less wolf-whistled while his arm was around Skivvy.

I say more or less, because he swallowed the sound before it fully resolved into a whistle. It came out like a high-pitched rush of air. A sharp sigh which might have been interpreted as, “Check out all these product lines. Super IGA is really diverse.”

A piece of Biker Man’s brain was acting as though he was hanging out with a buddy. “Fwaugh, check it out,” that part emoted, but another bit of his brain was saying, “Abort. Abort. Engage hanging out with girlfriend sub-routine.” Skivvy was concentrating on the specials and missed the whole thing.

I thought perhaps I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing and they all knew each other. You can visualise the scenario. He whistles and says, “Hey, Louise (subtext – old buddy) you’re looking amazing,” “Yeah, I’ve just been to an audition and aced it,” Louise would reply. And it would be like an episode of FRIENDS or something similar. But as Skivvy moved off to pick up a carton of milk, Biker Man swivelled around the full 180 to suss out Louise as she rounded the corner and out of his sight.

It gets Mr Trivia’s pick as the most puzzling piece of behaviour I’ve seen all week, and we’re still only at the beginning.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

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