When A Pineapple Rings…


Zeitgeisters, you may remember the pineapple fritter of yesteryear. You can still find them where ever people don’t give a tinker’s cuss about cholesterol, low GI et al. If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating one of these culinary throwbacks, it’s a pineapple ring covered in thick batter and deep fried in animal fat. It’s usually served with ice cream that melts quickly upon contact with the searing golden dough-casing. The effect is rather like that of a snowman seating himself on a blazing commode! But only if you find that kind of thing funny which frankly I don’t. It’s quite puerile.

I’ve never eaten a pineapple fritter that I liked, but the people who used to dine at my parents’ various restaurants (owned and run in suburban Perth in the 1980s) used to order these bloated rings of superheated fat time after time.

The fritters look something like the picture above, which is sourced from the Australian site of fast food company Red Rooster. There’s an even more evocative pic in to be found at the site of a fellow Perth blogger, The Food Pornographer – the entry and her site are here.

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