Let us imagine for a moment that you live in a civilized part of the world where spin, publicity and promotion trouble you infrequently. Its like a rare exotic bird glimpsed through the leaves and branches (and no, I’m not referring to Sam the Fruit Loops Toucan).

In my part of the world there has been a habit of late to advertise questionable television with these three scorching words: Just Got Hotter.

Thus, a year ago one might have heard these words issuing from the Tube: “the OC – Just Got Hotter”. Of course this genius phrase has been liberally applied to a number of television shows of varying soapiness.

In TV terms, Just Got Hotter, usually means some hot girl or boy related to one of the other hot boys or girls has arrived in the street, suburb, town (whatever) and is likely to launch a hotness offensive that will singe every other character older than sixteen and younger than 24 in the ‘hood, bay, valley (whatever).

I think the time to extend this phrase into the Real World is well past due. I think it works particularly well if the hot topic is particularly difficult to think of in terms of temperature or sex appeal. Eating Your Vegies – Just Got Hotter.. I believe this works well. Shrink Wrapped Bacon – Just Got Hotter. That’s gold! And how about this one? Public Transport – Just Got Hotter.

Doing this as a text message, an email or on Messenger is quite entertaining. Simply ping back the words in reply to anything that vaguely fits. You might have to work it a little, though. The correct answer to “Can you get some heartworm pills for the dogs on your way home?” should elicit this response. “Worming the dogs – Just Got Hotter.”

There are a few occasions where Just Got Hotter really won’t do. Global Warming – Just Got Hotter is merely confusing. Hacking Coughs – Just Got Hotter is frankly too big of an ask.

So there you have it. Go forth and spread the words.

Elevate The Temperature

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  1. Why thank youy, Tim. I have seen recent photos of you and your other half shivering away in the cold (or am I merely projecting) hope all is well in your part of the world.

    Minus Five Degrees Celcius – Just Got Hotter.

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