No Taps On My Maps


Internet Privacy advocates are not too happy about Google’s latest innovation, Google Street View, which is part of Google Maps. Street View currently shows photographic details of some parts of five US cities; San Francisco, New York, Denver, Las Vegas and Miami.

Streetview allow you a 360-degree view of certain streets. These images are made up of actual “panoramic” photographs that Google took at street level from a vehicle. The argument is that Jane and Joe Citizen are also in these photographs and in some cases are doing things they shouldn’t do (e.g. jaywalking) or in places that they shouldn’t be (e.g. walking into a strip club when they’re supposed to be teaching an ethics class).

There has been some debate about this on Boing Boing, and you might have seen stuff about this on Digg or in the New York Times.

However, on a geewhiz level it is as cool as Google Earth was when we first played with it. Watch the Google’s cute(ish) video first, then check it out.

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