Soup’s Up!


Its winter in the Southern Hemisphere or SoHem as we like to call it down here. Which means its soup-making time. I like to get a ham shank and a leek and some magic beans and boil it up for a couple of hours and then freeze the result in a number of containers. Not quite the way granny would’ve done it, but its as close as I get.

Last winter I was doing this very thing on a particularly cold night and managed to mist up my small flat. The windows, the computer and the front of the microwave all had a fine layer of moisture on it. I opened all the doors and windows thinking that equalising the temperature outside and would be in some way effective. You know that way you seize upon half-remembered scientific principles learnt years ago in school?

I went about with a towel and dried light switches, the desk lamp and the telly etc. Then I sat on the sofa in a my thickest jacket while a chilly wind blew through the flat. I managed to catch a pretty good documentary on SBS about the difficult life of Pink Floyd founding member, Syd Barrett.

We consume docos and read non-fiction to get clue about our own lives. How do other people do what they do? How do they manage to live under difficult circumstances? How do they deal with the big questions of life?

It seemed somehow appropriate to be watching the story of Barrett’s amazing life in a freezing flat, dripping with soupy condensation.

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  1. Interesting comment about why we read non-fiction/biogs. Or blogs for that matter. I’d always put it down to the fact that I am a nosy person. Or like to feel that I know something about things that I’m probably never going to do.

  2. All writers are nosey. But I think there’s difference wanting to know details for your advantage and/or prurient reasons; serious eavesdropping or reading someone else’s diary (without their permission) fall into this territory.

    Exploring what makes other people tick and imagining the lives you will never lead, that’s writer territory in my humble opinion.

    I like seeing many different views on reality. So reading other peoples non-fiction is ‘cubist’ but in terms of ideas, philosophies and experience.

  3. of course, syd most likely would have poured the soup over his head, beans and all, and strolled on stage to play interstellar overdrive (badly) …

  4. “seize upon half-remembered scientific principles learnt years ago in school”

    haha that’s my life every day.

  5. Tim, the more I think about it, the more I think I had air temperature and air pressure confused – scientific-principle-wise. My opening the doors and windows notion would probably have made more sense if I was in the eye of a cyclone.

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