From Hero to Zero


Need We Coke Zero? Want we the commercial? Where on the graph do need and want, meet? And What is Love Anyway? This is my way of saying that I don’t love or understand the Coke Zero commercial now found on television, cinema, iPods, and probably billboards in space.

Its all about mirroring, twin-ess, same-ness and yet different-ness. Guy in a black tie is dressed identically to his twin who has a red tie. Mr Red goes for the Coke Ordinaire, Mr Black goes for Coke Zero. There’s drinking, St Vitus Style shaking and much talking in tongues whilst remixed, mashed-up. 80s-esque beats pump out to a green-screen light show. Much like the fever dream of a six-year-old wired on something – say a caffeine-based sugary drink – and who’s spent a little too much time watching the EQ meter on dad’s stereo with defocused eyes.

Coke Zero it’s like the same, but different. Why didn’t they just pay Kate Winslett to say that whilst standing in front of the British Houses of Parliament? That’d do it for me. Ryan Gosling says same whilst posing in front of Mount Rushmore. There you go. Ad Boys – send my dosh care of this blog.

But this is a mere segue to my closing pars. Yesterday I bought an ordinary Coke in a glass bottle with a metal screw top lid. Why? Because Gen-X dorks like me will pay almost 100% more for this kind retro experience. The glass bottle held 385 mls and cost $3.40, the plastic bottle on the neighbouring shelf cost $3.50 and held 600 mls.

Paying more to enjoy something intangible; to enjoy drinking out of glass rather than plastic or a can. I have yuppy desires on a car park attendant’s salary. As well as something against car park attendants, apparently.

Insignificance – Just Got Hotter,

Mr Trivia

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