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Sarcasm is often cited as the lowest form of wit. But only by really “smart” people who we all think are “sooo cool” and “funny”. You get what I’m doing here, right? The quote marks, indicate an ironic reading and therefore a sarcastic tone…

Don’t leave me hanging.

However the highest form of wit is less frequently name-checked and that’s because it’s the golfing cartoon. Or that’s what we’re saying here at The Tract, today.

Some fine examples of this art are the golfing toons of Mr Bob Zahn. His work can be seen and even purchased at the website Below is an hilarious example which I chose because it combined an office scenario with a golfing gag.

I, too, often feel the call of the links when I am in my office working on the Petersen account, back in the early 1960s. I commute through time to get to work.. More on this soon. Anyhoo, I can relate big time. This ‘toon touches the very soul of my marrow.

Behold one of many Zany Zahn Zingers.

Golfing Humour Just Got Hotter!

Mr Trivia

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