I Have Not Brought My Specs With me

Zeitgeisters, its coming.

My eyesight has been a little off for awhile. Not as bad as my friend Ned who is frequently thought of as aloof because he can walk within ten metres of someone he knows well and not recognise them. My eyesight is at the ”can’t read a telephone book needs more light to see the names on a road map” stage. – as the medicos call it.

I’ve always imagined that the next step would be an eye-test from an optician which would then help me to find the correct prescription for my eyes. My parents separately gave me some unexpected advice which boiled down to: Opticians are just in it for the money, go get some supermarket glasses they’ll be fine.”

Somewhere along the road to adulthood, my parents concern for my wellbeing has shifted from a top-of-the-line healthcare viewpoint to a more K-Mart approach. I could get my first pair of specs at the same place that I purchase toothpaste and broccolini – but do I really want to?

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