Insomnia Pie


I don’t sleep well sometimes and that means I am apt to be at my local 24 hour Dingo Fuel* at 1am, buying a carton of milk from Ravi and Dean*. I’ve just been through there and had that moment where I thought…do I go a meat pie or not?

Most sensible people will think twice before dismissing the idea of the service station pie, but I was just in the mood. What swung it was that the new pies came out of the oven and went into the Baine Marie as I was contemplating. New pies, yeah.

If you’ve ever eaten one of these and thought, “Yeah, I guess it was better when it first went in”, then you’ll be tuned in to the scientific curiosity I was feeling. Surely if it’s just come out of the oven (okay, the super-hot warmer) then this pie will be okay…

Well, although my steak and mushroom pie tasted just the same as it always does, it was 10% more moist and surprisingly, not a lot warmer.

Mr Trivia, risking his tastebuds so you won’t have to.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

*Yeah all names changed to protect the indolent.

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