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I’ve been sick for around a fortnight. Boo hoo, me, sure. I’ve been subject to what is technically known as the Dreaded Lurgy. This is something my father and others of his generation (the Pre-Boomers) say. If I keep using it, then maybe Gen Y will eventually follow suit. Or at least say, “Quit it , Old Man.” If I can’t instruct, then annoying The Youth of Today will have to do.” The motivation of the Curmudgeon and your five-year old offspring aren’t that dissimilar. If I can’t get positive attention, then I will settle for negative.

Everyone down here at MultiMedia DellArte, where I work, has had this Creeping Sickness, Croup or Influenza. And if this feels like the first you’ve heard of my workplace, that’s because in best on-line style, I’m fictionalising the truth to fudge reality and to distract. Down here at good ol’ Multi Dell we are funded by the gov’t and mining interests to facilitate culture (cull-cha) to the people of Western Australia. Our next project will be at Axford Reserve Mount Hawthorn in late August and will be a quasi installation/ live theatre/dead puppet extravaganza entitled Free The Marionettes!
We’ve plagiarised from Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds – there’s a screaming guitar soundtrack mixed with killer beats and a live horn section. The climax is when a giant puppet (really a stilt-walker called Willow) cuts its strings and walks out into the audience while an a capella choir sings a medley of Backstreet Boys songs to pay tribute to the 1990s and to remind the audience that Good Taste and Good Art are always the same thing. There’s also a plot in there about how in the future, a repressive regime will outlaw all music and hand-puppets, but I’ll be honest, it’s kind of tacked on.

Which brings me to the final medical term of this entry;Lung Butter. My co-worker Big Red has been using it in the last seven days and I’ve made a decision to spread it around, so to speak. If you are currently undergoing said condition, there is something quite satisfying and descriptive about the term. I’m currently using Nyal Chesty Cough to combat it, but its about as useful as getting financial advice from Sunrise’s David Koch (heh!)

Elevate the Insignificant!

Mr Trivia

P.S. Enjoy the accompanying image, I put it together on an old version of Photoshop with the Whimsy-Plus plug-in and the Literalising Filter set on medium.

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