Mr Trivia vs Kirk Cameron


The idea that Kirk Brings Religion to the Internet is patently stupid. So stupid that I slammed it in a very snarky blog post. Then I did my checking. Kirk Cameron doesn’t claim to bring religion to the Internet. Yahoo News makes this claim on his behalf. And I fell for it hook line and sinker. Because I don’t like proselytising of any kind I just went to town.

Check out my great quote on proselytising.

“Personally I despise proselytising with a fiery passion and invite everyone of all creeds, faiths and religions who Know the Truth about Creation, Life and the After-Life, to keep it to themselves when we meet. I don’t claim to know the eventual destination of your soul, so kindly don’t presume to know where mine is headed.”

Good stuff. That’s all that’s left of the post I wrote and put up for five minutes before I did my checking. Then I discovered the headline had nothing to do with what Kirk Cameron said or his philosophy. I picked the whole thing up by the wrong handle and ended up talking nonsense.

Next time I think I will do my checking, then write the post.

If you want to know what what Kirk thinks according to Yahoo News go here.

Elevate the Insignificant,
And admit when you f**k up,

Mr Trivia

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