No Eurasian Mafia

Would-be Cultural Commentator Mr Trivia today apologised for remarks on his site about being part of a so-called “Eurasian Mafia“. He claimed the post in which he implied that a secret Eurasian society ran all international cultural events, as well as controlling the worlds of art and entertainment, was simply “a joke” that “got out of hand”.

Mr Trivia back-tracked furiously from his earlier statements. “Look I was kinda ripping off the work of Thai-American actor, director and youtuber Shyaporn Theerakulstit. You know, 500 Impressions in Two Minutes, The Asian Response to Asian Responders. I was lightly plagiarising that or riffing on it, if you will.”

This weak defence and admission of plagiarism has not mollified Mr Trivia’s critics. “I’d expect this kind of thing from a Kevin Bloody Wilson, but not from Mr Trivia,” an industry insider sniffed. “What next, jokes about egg roll?” a source closed to the Palace commented.

As of late today, Mr Trivia was still attempting to distance himself from his dubious “comedy”. “Look, if we did have a President, it wouldn’t be Mark Dacascos the martial arts guy – clearly it would be Kelly Hu.”

Neither Ms Hu nor Mr Dacascos were available for comment.

Mr Trivia

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