What’s In A Burger?


If you’ve been in Oz this past three-month or quart-o-year, then you’d know McDonalds hath been running a contest to name their so-called new, so-called burger (bitchy, much?). For media junkies such as ourselves, the participation of Tony Bonner in this campaign as legendary burger namer ‘Ken Thomas’ was the most curious part of this exercise.

Tony Bonner is an Australian TV actor, whose fame began in the Boomer era and continued into the 1980s, so that the older Gen-Xers (like myself) are aware of him. He is best known for his parts in the children series SKIPPY and the soap opera SKYWAYS He was also in the mini-series ANZACS. The Name-It Burger campaign is the most exposure Bonner has received in this country for a number of years.

According to the Mac site (particularly fictitious Ken’s blog) these are some of the names that came through McScrumptious, Basic Beef and The Super Burger to quote but three. My theory was always that the name selcted would be pathetic. These fears (driven by jealousy) have been allayed by the final, winning choice. – The Backyard Burger.

For weeks I was going to have a go with the The Besty Burger. I didn’t get around to it, paralysed as I was by fear and envy. I based my name on the idea that best friends are nicknamed ‘besties’ and that something alliterative and totally lacking in imagination and entirely unevocative would have to win. How wrong I was. The Backyard Burger evokes the shed, the Hills Hoist, a nice strip of buffalo grass, a water feature and having a beer with Scotty Cam.

I had another reason for fearing the lameness of the name. However, this story can be found at Mr Trivia’s Tract. Why do I apparently have two blogs? Well, this is a site and that’s a blog. But the main reason is ego. As usual.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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