Chad Ferrell looks like himself.

Okay – I didn’t want to do this but I am forced by circumstances and more replies to this over time than I thought possible. Most of which I didn’t publish because they were insulting. Most of the keepers got the gag – THANK YOU. Yes, I am kidding. We all know Chad Smith and Will Ferrell are two different guys. I know. I am cracking with the funny here….Ironic humor. Saying one thing meaning another for the purpose of amusement. There you go. Peace out. Mr Trivia


If you type drummer Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell into Google you will find a number of references to their looking alike. According to the Wikipedia Smith is born in 1961 and Ferrell in 1967. If you do a Google image search you will find numerous compare and contrast photos like the one above. However, you won’t find a photograph with Smith shaking Ferrell’s hand on the set of Blades of Glory, hanging out backstage after a Chilli Pepper‘s gig. That’s because these guys aren’t twins. They are one person.

Here at we dub this fellow Chad Ferrell, the name Will Smith obviously being taken. Chad Ferrell is a multi-talented actor-musician who has drummed for the Dixie Chicks and acted with Emma Thompson. Clearly this two people nonsense has something to do with his tax situation or perhaps his record company is giving him grief, so like Prince and Billy Joel before him, Chad Ferrell is pretending to be someone else in order to express himself without fear of litigation.

We wish him well. His secret is safe with us, sealed as it is on a site that gets one maybe two hits every year or so.

Chad Ferrell – fly high, my friend. Fly high!

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

6 thoughts on “Doppelgangers?

  1. man that is so true!
    by the way.. there is a Will Smith as we all know
    but i just found out that there’s a Chad Ferrell to and he is a musician!!

    that must to be involved somehow

  2. You make me laugh with your superior lack of knowledge.
    Chad Smith (the drummer), has a major bald patch on the top of his head, hence why he always wears a hat.
    Will Ferrell hasn’t.


  3. haha yup its crazy how chap ferrel has time to make movies when hes on tour with the chilis… right now the rhcp are on a hiatus, so i guess we can all expect some more movies right?

  4. this is impossible
    the combination of these two men
    the greast drummer alive and the funniest man alive into one would have catastrophic effects
    the world is not yet ready for the breed of super human

    but keep dreaming

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