Sesqui-Centenary Post


One hundred and fifty posts! Congratulations to us. Me for writing ’em and you for reading some of them – or in the case of a number of you – all of them.

The first 150th celebration I was ever involved in was a little something called WAY ’79 or Western Australian Year 1979, which was a year-long event commemorating the European settlement of W.A. There was a jingle, posters, badges and a really cool logo. I thought it was cool then. I’m older now. Its a late 1970s representation of the black swan which is the emblem of our state. Word.

Check out the Wikipedia for more on WAY ’79.


Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Sesqui-Centenary Post

  1. You forgot the most important part. Timothy Merks was born that year.

    I had that logo on my birth extract. I really like the simple colours.

  2. We must celebrate, Mr Merks! Let me offer to you some of the lyrics of a Rolf Harris song that came out around that time (’79).

    I’m going back to WA, back to WA
    that’s the only place for me.
    I’ve been to Honolulu and I’ve seen Hong Kong,
    I took the tourist bus to Europe but I couldn’t stand the throng…

    There’s more, but fortunately I can’t recall any further.


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