Someday Your Prince Will Come


Foolishly, I looked to Free-To-Air Television to entertain this afternoon and found the only thing on that wasn’t sport, was BARBIE AS THE ISLAND PRINCESS. Now I stoop to comment on the naffness of the animation. The 2D image that accompanies this blog post simply can’t deliver the full horror of watching a disgusting 3D elephant (called Tika) emoting. At one point, when Tika was drowning, I wanted her to perish because the top of her head was idiotically high-domed like a Newfoundland hound’s (unlike in the above image), her eyes were anthropomorphically forward on her head like a flippin’ human and she was puffing her cheeks in and out as she wept with her own tragedy. Pah!

Fortunately the politics were all RIGHT ON, because for awhile it looked as though commoner Ro (Barbie, natch) would be barred from marrying Prince Jerkweed (may have misheard this). Then in the last few momentsit turned out that Ro was, in fact, the long-lost child of a Queen and ergo a Princess herself. Phew!

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

p.s. I have nothing against Newfoundland hounds or Newfoundland per se – although Prince Edward Island is my Canadian Island of choice.

2 thoughts on “Someday Your Prince Will Come

  1. I do belive it’s called suspending reality. I remarked upon some obvious non reality conforming issues I had with the movie myself, such as the sceene where “Ro” bloomed flowers with a dab of water, and my 7 yr old rolled her eyes at me and told me “mom, it’s just a movie”. While I previously bit my tounge over Barbie gifts she has gotten on her birthdays, thinking that among other things they were at most a outdated immage of feamle roles (currently no longer an issue, lets face it, Barbie takes on more intresting challenges than Cinderella ever attempted), I have come to the conclusion that Barbie movies are simply what they are supposed to be. Entertainment for children who still have the abbility to suspend reality. Or adults who enjoy seeing that some among us still have that abbility. Bash away, this is obviously the place for such things, but after having stumbled upon this site looking for song lyrics for the wee one, I think I had the last laugh! Dont worry though, I am sure some six year old who is suited up in a three peice and tie and has been responsibly paying their many bills will see your review and agree with you.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. Your 7 year old is, of course, correct.

    I have always suspected that I had the ear of the six year old three-pice suit wearing demographic, however its nice to have it confirmed.

    We’re growing our brand (Mr Trivia’s Tract) and by 2008 we hope to have captured the five-year olds who are unsure whether they will spend their formative years on Team Barbie or perhaps using their time more productively creating a diversified stock portfolio and buying property.

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