You Bet Your Life!


I keep coming across these ads for life insurance from AccuQuote. They’re banner ads that I find whenever I check my mail on Yahoo! And I am always struck by their slightly tawdry feel. ‘If you died today what would happen to your family’s future’ is an important question, albeit asked in the most emotive and shit-scaring way.


The art direction of the ad doesn’t help either. The son looks appropriately sombre, but mom is rather glam, I feel. At best, she’s Audrey-Hepburn- as-Holly-Go-Lightly-esque and at worst she’s reminiscent of the widow in old detective novels. If you were the gumshoe on this case, this dame would be your prime suspect.

The second ad is even worse. ‘Dad, what would happen to me and mommy if you died?’ I really take exception to this one. I feel this isn’t the sort of thing a child as young as this one is likely to say. This is a heinous set up. It goes straight to the heart of any parent with a child. The kid – potentially your kid – is sadly contemplating his financial future if you snuff it.

Yeah, sure. Has he been browsing the actuarial tables showing male mortality stats, on-line? Maybe you better start worrying, Dad.


Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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