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The Internet is an amazing place. Two comments came in about the Grayson Hugh entry; neither of which said, “Hey that’s a picture of Loudon Wainwright III, what’s up?” The answer to that is there are no Grayson Hugh pics of any size that I could locate on the www.

The comments came from WJ Porter of the Grayson Hugh Team and from Mr Hugh himself. They say a new album is in the works. You heard it right here.

Thank you both for your comments, I was a little surprised and your kind words are much appreciated.

And if I am being punk’d by my friends, they are doing it with wit, articulacy and style and are to be congratulated.

Check out the entry and the comments here.

Mr Trivia

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  1. Dear Mr. Trivia:
    I was just wondering if any of your web visitors enjoyed this St. David’s Day, this past Saturday, March 1rst? To the non-Welsh I’m sure it seems an odd thing indeed to put onions in your hat and eat bread made of seaweed. But it’s just one of the enjoyable benefits (besides uttering the occasional bronchial oath) of being Welsh!
    Nos Da!

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