Wherefore art thou, Grayson Hugh?

UPDATE 14th March 2009

Sneak Preview of for those of you who have stumbled upon the Water Cooler here at the Hugh Lounge. The new site is the official and sanctioned website of American musician Grayson Hugh. (You know who he is! That’s why you’re on this page – I was just talking to that one new gal down the back).

If you scroll down and check the comments section of this page, near the bottom on March 13th, there you’ll find a WJ Porter post in which he she reports on current conditions of the site. Check the other WJ Porter posts while you’re scrolling, you will learn things.

Some of the site is up and working! – so why don’t you have a wander? You are among the privileged few who are getting the heads up.

Above is a small version of masthead image from the site


Mr Trivia

UPDATE 8th July 2008

And here he is, folks. Grayson was kind enough to send through a current photograph for the Water Cooler here at the Hugh Lounge. So now you have an image of the man whose music you’ll be enjoying in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

If you’ve just strayed into this piece of cyber-space and are trying to work out the sequence of events that led to this long post and even longer comments page – it went something like this…

Last year I was disgruntled about the lack of Grayson Hugh information or pics on the Internet. So I put up a snap of Loudon Wainwright III. (‘Cos I’m a cut up) Through the good agencies of Mr Hugh’s fans everywhere and Grayson himself, Loudon’s picture eventually ‘morphed’ into Grayson’s cat, and then a watercolour of Amos McWalker (see below) and now, finally a photograph of Grayson in his 2008 incarnation.

Along the way there have been many great comments by enthusiastic fans about their thoughts on the music. Meanwhile the situation on the ‘net re: Grayson Hugh information is much improved (especially on Wikipedia). But why read my dry dissertation, when you can dig down through the layers and read it for yourself?

If you’re a fan of Mr Hugh and his works, you owe it to yourself. This part of my site will eventually become a signpost to the Grayson Hugh site which is under construction.

So – Wherefore Art thou Grayson Hugh?

Right here for now.

Mr Trivia

UPDATE 15th May 2008


Grayson sent along this image suggesting that it might replace Mr Chumley, however I think Chumley is a cat who has earnt the right to stand around the Water Cooler with the rest of us.

As Mr Hugh says :”I thought perhaps you could use this likeness of Amos McWalker, my alter ego and fishing companion.”

And lo…


Mr Trivia

UPDATE 8th April 2008

Grayson Hugh’s cat friend, Chumley.


I originally wrote this post six months ago as a partially tongue-in-cheek comment on how small a ‘stub’ article could be on Wikipedia. I genuinely thought there would be more material on Grayson Hugh. Months have gone by and thanks to the vagaries of the Internet, a number of loyal fans of Mr Hugh have arrived at this spot in order to share their tales of fandom and their enjoyment of his music.

So much so, that I have decided to slightly modify this section in order to make it friendlier for Grayson’s fans. To this end, we have moved this page’s solemn mascot – Loudon Wainwright III . As a replacement, Grayson has supplied a photograph of his cat Chumley.

Grayson also wrote the following:

“I hope to be photo-ready shortly. In the
meantime -Chumley is the friendliest cat known to man
and, in this photo, he has just eaten a large moth.”

As Suzy points out below, the Grayson Hugh entry has been modified and notably more substantial. It even provides a link back here! Strange place, the Internet.

Thank you for coming here and commenting – please enjoy standing in my front yard and chatting, I’ll be along in a minute with a bowl of dip and some water crackers.


Mr Trivia


Loudon Wainwright III
* May not be Grayson Hugh


Surely your love for Wikipedia is something akin to mine. It’s the greatest resource known to humanity since the Royal Library of Alexandria was destroyed on one of four occasions – in 48BC, the third century, in 391 or perhaps 642 or thereafter.

It’s that damned good.

However, occasionally there will be an entry on something or someone, that is short, tiny, little, mere; in these cases, this slip-of-an- entry is officially described as a stub. At this point, the shadowy types behind the Wikimedia Foundation Incorporated will entreat you and me, the ordinary shmoes that actually do the work, shine the shoes and collect the dry-cleaning in this crazy world, to expand on the information and increase the depth and wordiness of said stub.

One such entry – although not officially called a stub – is about 1980s soul-singing sensation Grayson Hugh he of the worldwide mega-hit Talk It Over. The entry more or less says this:

Grayson Hugh is an American soul singer-songwriter and pianist from Connecticut. He broke into the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 and 1990 with three singles from his album, Blind to Reason. A second album followed in 1992, but was not as successful.

Grayson flippin’ Hugh, goshdarn it, deserves better. I would do the stub expansion meself, only I went to his entry on your Wikipedia, precisley because I KNEW NOTHING OF THE MAN.

We gotta do something Zeitgeisters, we just gotta.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

*Yes, that’s Loudon Wainwright III the singer-songwriter, also latterly known as father of Martha and Rufus.

87 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou, Grayson Hugh?

  1. About Grayson Hugh – My best friend, the singer Polly Messer, is just completing work with Grayson Hugh on his comeback album, or as he puts it “The album I’ve always wanted to make”. I attended their engagement party in July and have since been working with them on the design of Grayson’s upcoming website.

    I’ve heard some of the tracks for the new album, which is being produced independently, and Grayson is in top form, composing and performing vibrant new music that should resonate with his old fans as well as new listeners. We are all very excited about this upcoming release, and were happy to read here on your website and other places that he has not been forgotten; on the contrary, he’s been missed.

    I too found the Wikipedia entry lacking and made a couple of changes: It used to read “Grayson Hugh WAS an American soul singer…” I changed WAS to IS, as he is very much alive and kicking. Grayson and Polly considered adding more to the entry, especially after reading your website, but are holding off for now.

    They asked me to write to you and express appreciation for the mention, and to tell you to get started booking some venues in your area for him to perform on his comeback tour! Also, they said to promise you a free copy of his new record as soon as it comes out – Grayson appreciates loyal fans like you.

    ~~WJ Porter
    The Grayson Hugh Team

  2. Dear Mr. Trivia –
    Ahoy, I am not vanished! My girlfriend told me of your website and I send my hearty appreciative thanks for your interest and comments.
    I might add that, having nearly moved to Australia in 1965 (my dad had an intriguing job offer) I instead “very nearly” toured there in ’89. “Blind To Reason” first went gold in Australia and I’ve always regretted not going there, but the semi-evil dullards then in control of my musical peregrinations hatched too many conflicting touring plans, usually involving one-night stopovers in sparsely populated truck stops in Wyoming or Montana. I believe it was a sort of game with them (the agents and managers, or, as I like to call them, music wranglers). The object was to try to guess where and when and how soon I would drop from sheer physical exhaustion. At any rate, the omission of the Great Sundrenched Continent from my touring itinerary is something I plan to rectify soon!
    And it gives me pleasure (as well as an odd, itching sensation) to announce the imminent arrival of a new record of my songs, to be completed as soon as, well, it is completed. I apologize for my apparent disappearance from the planet earth for the last fifteen years but I was involved in some complicated and relentless researching of the East Torrington Shrubby Lichen. But, rest assured, no such lengthy silences from me do I expect, now that my work with lichens is completed. In fact I and my team of lichen researchers would lichen to send you a copy of the aforesaid new record when it’s done.
    (An interesting footnote: Back in the barely gleaming days of 1969, I actually played a gig with Mr. Loudon Wainwright III, at a “hootenanny night” at The Bitter End Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York City. I drove up there one night from West Hartford, CT., with a rented Wurlitzer electric piano, auditioned and was picked to perform that evening. The headliner was a crew-cutted, fresh-from-the-Navy Loudon Wainwright III, who performed some interesting songs that I liked, one, I remember, called “Me And My Cat”.)
    Grayson “Gray Bear” Hugh

  3. I am a BIG fan of Grayson’s and have been since a friend introduced me to his music in the late 80’s. I never get enough of both of his album’s (which I like equally well) soulful gospel’like sounds and am truly delighted to hear he is alive and well – and working on some new sounds. I am already in line……..

    If he comes to Seattle the perfect venue for him would be The Triple Door and I would be delighted to assist with the booking if he needs/wants it.

  4. that grayson seems like a swell guy. and funny too. offbeat humour, with an occassional love of puns, different to most ppl i know.. except for perhaps.. mr trivia (insert interrobang here)

  5. My boyfriend and I were just listening to Blind to Reason (an album i have loved for years and now he does to) and we wanted to see what was going on with Grayson. We are thrilled to learn of a new upcoming album! We will keep checking back so we can immediately buy it when it comes out! We’d love for Grayson to come to Atlanta!

  6. I loved Grayson Hugh and the album “Blind to Reason”!!! I still have my original cassette version of the album and I still listen to it regularly!! I can not wait to hear his new work!!!

  7. it’s nearly 20 years since i heard Talk it Over and raced out to buy the album (yes, good old vinyl- only bugger me if i can’t get the record to fit in the cd player of my car….) its still one of my favourites and i listen to it all the time. we would LOVE to see grayson in australia anytime and can promise a warm reception (even in winter)!

  8. I’m thrilled by the news above that there’s a new album on it’s way, or has it already been released? Does anybody know? What label? I’m afraid it will be difficult to get hold of here in Sweden so any info on how to get it – or where to look for it – is greatly appreciated.

  9. Yep, count me in if Grayson comes to Oz. I’ve been a fan ever since “Talk it Over” was getting lots of airplay here. Both albums are among my favourites of all time…

  10. Grayson Hugh…’glad to hear that you are still alive and planning a comeback! Both Blind to Reason and Road to Freedom have been some of my favorite “albums”…and I can’t get the music videos out of my head.

    I guess your music was just too mellow for many in the “coked-up” 80s, but it was definitely the greatest for listening to while “gettin’ busy” with my lady. “Talk It Over In Bed”…what else is there to do?

    I’ll be waiting for your upcoming release, but take your time and do it right! Later.

  11. To Grayson or his fans,

    I’ve been a fan for a long time, too, and I’m wondering if anyone here knows the story of Amos McWalker. I think that is the name of the southern fellow who says — among other things — at the end of Grayson’s first album that the earth has two layers, the first one being plaid, and the next one being much further down. It ends with sentimental sounding music that makes me think Amos might be someone Grayson knew.

    This has had me perplexed for nearly 20 years!!!

  12. Dear Bob-
    Thanks for your support. As to your query regarding Amos McWalker – that was actually me, doing one of my characters for my phone answering machine back in 1988. I was living in New York and had alot of time on my hands( and, as David Letterman says, alot of personal problems) while I waited for my producers to record the band and get ready for my lead vocals and piano & organ tracks. The producers seemed to take forever. After all, it was the end of the eighties, that decade of over-production. I had just seen a strange little fishing show on cable television with these guys from the deep south talking animatedly about trout and bait and different kinds of hooks, etc. I was duly inspired, in a fit of gleeful comic delirium, to create a similar fictional character, obsessed with marauding fish, to inhabit my phone machine. I wish I had saved some of the other characters, now long since evaporated into the analog ether. Well, my producer Michael Baker, having been exposed to this fellow many times while trying to reach me by phone, insisted he make an appearance at the end of “Blind To Reason”. So that’s what happened, scratchy tape noise and all. I believe another character (perhaps a salt-encrusted Gloucester lobsterman) should make an appearance on my new record. Polly, my fiance (and trusty back-up singer) says “No..” but the crusty swamp yankee may just rear his briny head…

  13. Thanks for sharing that hilarious story, Grayson. You are one funny son-of-a-…. I never suspected that you were good ol’ Amos. Now, what on earth is an East Torrington Shrubby Lichen? On second thought, some things are better left to the imagination.

    Looking forward to hearing your next record!

    To Mr. Trivia…thank you for giving us an opportunity to connect with Grayson. Who would have ever imagined back when his first record came out that something called the Internet would some day let us discover trivia about one of our favorite artists and even allow us to “talk” with him?! I found out about you by using Google, and it’s been fun reading your blog devoted to “elevating the insignificant,” as you say, though none of us would ever say that Grayson or his music are insignificant. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Speaking of elevating the insignificant, you might get a chuckle from my book, “Remove Child Before Folding, the 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever.” It was published by Time Warner books last year, and coincidentally, it has given me several opportunities to appear on Australian radio. It would be too much of a coincidence I suppose if you happened to hear one of those interviews or saw an article about my annual Wacky Warning Label Contest that served as the basis for the book. Sorry… I didn’t come here to promote my book, honestly. I just marvel at what a small world it is becoming because of technology.

  14. Soooooo happy to hear there will be a new album soon. I was slightly smitten with your bluesy sound and soulful eyes- along with the bad boy leather look,complete with beret, back in the 80’s. Congrats on your engagement and I can’t wait to hear the new music!

  15. To: WJ Porter
    Do you have the new website up yet Amigo? I would love to start passing it around and getting some more interest stirred up before the new music comes out. Please let us all know.

    As I said before check out the Triple Door on line as a potential venue for Grayson in Seattle if he gets out this way. Great spot, good attentive crowd, and intimate setting. FYI

    Thank you

  16. Bill Shields, the website is not up yet – but don’t worry, it will be operational in time for the new CD release, which, like most works of genius, is taking a bit more time in order for it to be perfect.

    Mark my words, the CD (and the website) will be well worth the wait!

    We may have a surprise or two in store beforehand, so stay tuned to the Mr. Trivia “water cooler” for updates…

    ~WJ Porter (that’s Amiga, to you!)

  17. Hey Grayson. Thank gawd for the internet. From your no1 English fan, can’t wait for the new CD. Heard your music one night way back in the late 80’s on a radio prog of the greatest latenight jock this side of the pond, Bob Harris. (He still broadcasts by the way – check him out on the BBC’s Radio 2 website). Finally bought your CD’s online which I treasure. When are you gonna come to the UK?

  18. Just heard “Talk it Over” on the radio and it brought back a lot of memories! Came back to the office and started doing some research on your whereabouts. THRILLED to her you may be touring! Please make a stop in Greenville, SC and I recommend playing at The Handlebar. You’re sure to bring out a crowd of both old and new fans!

  19. I am a die hard Grayson fan. I am very happy a new album will be out soon. I have turned on quite a few people to Blind to Reason over the years. I spent a long time searching for Road to Freedom and its now one of my prize albums. Keep the hits coming, your talent is much appreciated! If you have a website, we would all love to keep up on album progress.

  20. Dear Jon Fisher:
    I definitely plan to return to the UK once my new record is out. I was there a few times in ’89, making the videos for
    “Talk It Over” and “Blind To Reason” (with director Nicolas Brandt at Shepperton Studios) – and doing The Wogan Show.
    My Dad was born in Hammersmith and his people are from Wales. Mom’s dad was born in Bath. I love it over there! Thanks for your interest.

    Dear Kim:
    Thanks for your support! The first tour date I did, with my full band, back in 1988, was in Greenville, S.C.! It was a big outdoor festival for the town, I believe, and I had a great time. South Carolina was always a great state to play in. My Aunt & Uncle lived down there (Uncle Alfred was the head of the library at USC in Columbia) and my brothers & I grew up having great big family visits with all my Aunts & Uncles & Cousins who are all still there!

    Dear Bill Glendening:
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you like the music! More is coming soon!

    -with appreciation,
    Grayson Hugh

  21. We’re so happy to hear that there will be a new album coming out! I’m still introducing friends to Graysons music here in San Diego! We first heard him in the early 90’s when there was a satelite channel called MOR music TV… (Fantastic idea of introducing new music, and giving the consumer the chance to order by phone as well.)
    If ever comes to San Diego, House of Blues is the perfect venue.
    By the way, we liked Grayson’s name so much we borrowed it for our youngest son…he’s 9, loves Rock music, and is named Grayson!)

  22. Hey thanks Grayson for the wonderful replys. I am definitely looking forward to your new cd . That’s funny your first gig was in Greenville S.C. . , I was in Charleston at the time . I too have family down there .I have been back in Pittsburgh since the early 90’s. Hope to actually see you perform sometime in the future. As a funny note on one of your live interviews in the 80’s you had a red bandana around your ankle which i thought was cool at the time . So i decided to sport the look and everyone would ask me if something was wrong with my ankle and i would say NO , my favorite singer sported the look .ha ha. Keep us posted on the time of release ,I will be picking it up……….thanks a bunch Kelly
    p.s. I’m sure it feels good to know so many people love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dear Kelly:
    Thanks for the support. I enjoyed the story about your bandana-wrapped ankle! One of the rock radio salesman guys at RCA, a good old Southern boy named Skip, said, after seeing me wearing a bandana under my cowboy hat, “Hey, Grayson, saw you on t.v. last night – how’s the head injury?” I promptly took him down in an expertly executed Armenian necklock.

  24. Huge, HUGE, did I mention huge? fan of Grayson Hugh. I too have turned many people on to Grayson’s music and I still treasure my cassette of Blind To Reason… it really got me through some tough times. Over the years I have checked from time to time to see if there was anything new and was always disappointed to find that he seemed to have disappeared from the music scene. I gave up about a year ago, then tonight on a whim I thought…hmmmm. Well, color me excited! Can’t wait for the new CD! Trivia…my husband and I moved to West Hartford about 14 years ago and one day while driving down the street listening to the radio, I heard the DJ say, “And now a song from West Hartford native, Grayson Hugh.” I almost swerved off the road. Had no idea and thought of the irony that one of my all time fav singers was from the same town I was living in! Hope he has some concerts/gigs on the east coast. Count me there!

  25. I’m currently listening to “Blind to Reason” as I convert it into MP3 format from my cassette. As is my habit, I research the artist as I listen.

    Fantastic to see you post here Grayson! I’ve told friends for years if there was anyone from your era who could’ve made it huge as the front man of any band it was you. Those pipes of yours have few peers. VERY few. And I can think of only one cut from that era that comes close to all of Blind to Reason in likability in the genre that I feel you were occupying at the time – “Would I Lie To You?” by Charles and Eddie. I’ve never heard the album that came off of but it’s tough to imagine it being as solid from start to finish as BTR.

    Your cleverness and sense of humor shone through in your writing. So cool to finally hear the story behind Amos McWalker. I thought it might be you, or perhaps it was sampled from some obscure film or TV show. The kicker to make me think it was you was the exaggerated, “… small boYY”. It’s silly and exactly the kind of thing I’d do in a fit of silliness – much to my wife’s pained laughter and eye rolling. I have ALWAYS got a mental smirk when hearing that brief bit of playfulness. Please sneak the Gloucester lobsterman on the CD when Polly isn’t paying attention!!

    It was interesting and not surprising to read that an acquaintance of yours from years of yore telling of being around you and friends while you were having fun, improvising and cutting up. And of them not being surprised at your success. That they were basically expecting it. I’ve just been struck for years at the talent that jumps out at the listener and the gritty, soulful voice.

    Anyhow, I had a feeling that you were perhaps marketed in an incorrect way. And your style didn’t fit the overproduced sheen of the 80s (in my opinion). Too bad you weren’t given freer reign like, say, John Hiatt on “Bring the Family” and “Slow Turning” to cut the sheen and dig into a Memphis/Al Green/Muscle Shoals/Otis Redding vibe or something similar.

    Anxiously awaiting the new website and CD.

  26. Dear clerck:

    I enjoyed your very well-written letter. And I’m glad you like my voice & music. You mentioned John Hiatt’s “Bring The Family” – it’s always been a favorite of mine.
    Yes, when you sign with a big label, sometimes (if not invariably) you get pigeon-holed and even sometimes produced and marketed incorrectly. But this new record of mine is written, arranged & produced by me. I’m not trying to “position” myself or cater to any “demographic group”, etc. What a bunch of baloney. It is what it is. As I recently told someone who had a couple of unsolicited “suggestions” for me – “This is art, not commerce”.
    And I will let Amos know that you appreciated his recording debut – when he returns from his fishing trip.
    Grayson Hugh

  27. I myself was lost to Grayson Hugh. I loved his music in the 80’s, and then after much time and forgotten times, I found his music among a pile old cassette tapes I had in my younger years…ahh the days of youth!! I moved away from home, my mother cleaned out my room, as all mother do when their children leave the nest. She threw it away!!!!!
    I forgot all about it, until about fives years ago…I remembered the video, but couldn’t, for the life or me, remember who sang the song, or even the name of the song. Until the other day, found a website that had songs of the 80’s and I FOUND IT!! I was so happy to find his music and downloaded his whole album. My daughter laughs at me at how excited I was to find Grayson’s music….I have been looking for it for a five years. Thanks, Grayson…for all the music!!

  28. hey have you seen Grayson’s wiki page is finally updated, yey! can’t wait for the new album

  29. I have always been a fan of the blue-eyed soul singers, starting with the Rascals, Soul Survivors, Billy Harner, Lydia Pense, Bill Champlin, Mike Finnigan, to name a few. When Grayson Hugh came along I was again struck. A unique soulful voice and melodic songs with great chord changes. Hope for the future. I feel like most of these artists have never really gotten their due. It’s almost like there’s a prejudice against white singers that sound black. Grayson, It’s been too long since we’ve heard from you. I hope you kick ass with your new album. I know it will be worth the wait.

  30. Grayson, here’s hoping you crank up the B3 in the mix so you can hear the grit. I can’t wait to hear your voice again.

  31. Hi, been a fan of Grayson since I saw the video for “Talk it over” here in the UK. Bought both cds and managed to get a copy of the first LP from Ebay. Would be great if he could tour over here and am looking forward to the new record coming out also looking forward to the website being up and running.

  32. About the website: I’m working on it! Since the album is in post-production

  33. oops…continued from above post. Since the album is in post-production (mixing stage), this is the perfect time to tweak the website and make it great-looking, informative, useful and fun. Grayson himself is contibuting a lot of artwork to be incorprated into the site, I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

    Lots is happening behind the scenes, but of course you want to know what’s going on and when the new music will be out, so we’re working especially hard right now to get the website up and running.

    Never fear, Mr. Trivia will be amomg the first to know when it’s ready. Meanwhile, all your comments are appreciated and some of them factor into decisions about upcoming tour dates.

    WJ Porter
    The Grayson Hugh Team and Official Web Goddess

  34. You heard it from The Source, people. Soon you shall have a new water cooler to congregate at and to talk about all things Grayson. But until that time, pass the dip and enjoy the ambience at Chez Triv’s and particularly here, at this mezzanine floor known as ‘Wherefore Art Thou Grayson Hugh?’

  35. I can’t wait for the new Grayson Hugh music. I made so many of my friends buy Blind to Reason and Road to Freedom cd’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They become converted. Then they would always come back to me (like I knew Grayson or something) and ask when the next CD was coming out? I loved the idea that it was an original sound (even his take on I Will Remeber You sounded like he wrote it). I still keep those cd’s in rotation and have downloaded everything into the Ipod. Some of the best stuff ever written and recorded.

    Put it out SOON, Grayson. It has been too long my friend!


  36. well Gray, I personally met the lobsterman from Gloucester. He used to deliver lobsters to my grandparents backdoor when we visited. He was paying rent on the peer. Love, ya and ofcorse your music Karen

  37. When the site is up and running will the new cd be available to buy online possibly as a signed copy?

  38. dear keith strong:
    yes, of course, when my website is up (only a couple weeks, now, I’m told!) you will most certainly be able to purchase a copy of the new record which I will be more than happy to sign.
    Thanks for your support,
    Grayson Hugh

  39. Grayson,

    I am so glad to find so much current information on you. I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. Very pleased to hear that you are going to be recording again. I have played your music for several friends and they all love it. I think you need to come to Loisville, KY during the Derby and perform for one of the events. If you could swing that I would be honored if I could be given the opportunity to meet you. I think my husband get jealous because I talk about you and your music so much. (Just kidding-I introduced him to your music and he is a fan as well.) I wish you the best and again am glad to see that you are back.

    One of your MANY fans,

    Nancy Speed

  40. Dear Nancy: I’m glad you like the music & thanks for your support and invitation! And if the gypsy band bus does rumble through Loisville, KY – we’ll give you a holler!
    Grayson Hugh

  41. So glad to have found this blog. I love your music, Grayson, and have long wondered what happened to you.

    I have searched in vain for CDs of the older songs. Will they be available, along with your new work? If so, I’m already in line to buy!


  42. Dear Teresa-
    Glad you like the music! Actually, I believe there are some new “ROAD TO FREEDOM”s (MCA ’92) available from and some “BLIND TO REASON”s (RCA ’88) available on Amazon or Ebay. But when my website comes up, I’ll try and make everything available that I’m able to get my hands on!
    Thanks for your support!
    -Grayson Hugh

  43. hey guys, you can buy grayson cd on amazon. iIjust bought the blind to reason cd (was a little pricey) but you just can’t find good music like that anymore. Would love to know who the other pepole in the Talk it over video are and what they are doing now, so Grayson if you read this would be so kind to give me a update. Please let me know when the new cd comes out would love to get one of them too. Tom

  44. Dear Tom-
    Glad you got a copy of “Blind To Reason”. If I had control over it, I’d make sure that wasn’t so pricey – but that’s out of my hands right now. The new cd will be available on my upcoming website ( – to be up in October sometime. Glad you like the music – and thanks for your support!
    Grayson Hugh

  45. Grayson,
    Glad to hear the October date for the website. I am with Keith Strong above who would like an autographed copy, that would surely be a keeper! We the public, have not forgotten and will ever forget your own personal style of music which is like silk for your ears. We will be patient for the release and since I myself have copies of Blind to Reason and Road to Freedom…will continue playing them for friends and family until then! Oh, and have a happy marriage! You and Polly deserve a great future together!

  46. Grayson,
    Been a fan for years. I noticed on Wikipedia you recently got married. I took the trip down the isle at Carmel Beach Ca on 8/8/08. 2nd and final time for me. Just wanted to wish you and Polly all the best, and let you know I’m looking forward to the new music.
    Take Care,

  47. Dear Dave,
    Thanks for your good wishes. Congratulations on your marriage! Polly & I are deliriously happy! The new record should be up on the new website in October.
    All the best,
    Grayson Hugh

  48. I just spent the last few hours trying to remember Grayson’s name.. The song has been in my head since I first heard it in the early 90’s. Had the tape and over the years have lost, misplaced or had it stolen. Now that I have rediscoved “the best music ever” I will make sure that I don’t misplace it again. I can hardly wait to introduce my 10 my ten year younger wife to these great sounds. Looking forward to the new release.

  49. Outstanding! Grayson Hugh! Your music makes me high! Thank you for making the world a better place with it. I can’t wait to buy your next album. You could put out a blank CD for which I’d pay top dollar and I would still be massively in your debt for how much enjoyment I have received from “Blind to Reason.” (To this day, while listening to it I am, indeed, “Blind to Reason!”) You deserve all the success in the world.

  50. The summer of my 27th year was one of self awakening, sexual awakening,nonstop adventure, and an absolute naive joy of being young and alive—and Grayson was with me that whole summer! In my heart, in my head, and on my stereo!Blind to Reason has kept playing in my head for 18 years, and just thinking of it takes me back to one of my most magical times. And so I am thrilled to hear of a new album and look forward to listening to it with joy and just a little bittersweetness. Thank you ,Grayson, for providing an incredible soundtrack to a special time in my life! All the very best to you and yours!

  51. Welcome back Grayson. I have to take issue with one thing posted up above – if anybody is Grayson’s No 1 English fan, it’s me, not some impostor called Jon Fisher! I bought both your albums when they came out – and I even have two copies of “Talk It Over” on 12″, with the rap answer-back (I had to get two copies so I could mix them together when DJing).

    Looking forward with great anticipation to hearing new music and – hopefully – seeing you play live for the first time.



  52. Grayson and Polly, Chumley and Amos…
    Are you settled in or still on the honeymoon or both? Best to all of you.
    Am awaiting the CD…Maybe Amos is on it. I like him.
    For some reason I keep recalling that big ‘ole chevy Barbara drove sometimes.
    Stoklie. Stoklie. And, how she’d fumble around and fiddle with her eye glasses.
    Now, I wound up close in to San Diego. Don’t know exactly know how that happened.
    I really prefer the East Coast and will eventually make it back there. ‘Til then I’ll be
    watching, waiting and listening!

  53. Grayson,
    How’s married life? I don’t know if you remember, but I was married the same month as you and Polly (8/8/08). My wife Mary and I are, like you, deliriously happy. For whatever reason the two of us together act like adolescents. The goofier the better… Weird! Anyway, I’ve converted her into a big fan of yours and we’re both looking forward to the new music. Is the new site up yet? I check weekly and haven’t found it yet. I check at Oh well, patience is a virtue. I’ve waited this long. What’s another month? Anyway; congratulations again on the marriage. Life gets better from here on out.
    Dave and Mary Robinson

    P.S. Any plans to tour? And if so, will you be anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area?

  54. Greetings Grayson & Polly

    Thank goodness for the internet ! Found some much missed music of yours first through Youtube, then, your helpful suggestion of Amazon. All stocked up now on your past music and sooo looking forward to your new soulmate inspired music as well. Many years have passed since the original and I am sure there have been many, many life experiences that will be put into some pretty amazing vocals, lyrics and outstanding music. Can’t wait ! It would be great if you could finally do that Aussie tour that you missed out on – always fulfill those dreams that are unrequited, whenever possible. I am sure the Aussie fans will be thrilled to have you honour them with your presence. Leave ’em slathering for more ! All the best to you, Polly and your wonderful new life. Shine on !

  55. To all who have been writing in: Thanks you all for your interest and appreciation of my music, and for your patience in waiting for my new website ( It really is going to happen! But, as with the production of this new record, things just take time. This has really been the “hurry up & wait” album! I am mixing the record now and unexpected delays have crept in. At this point, however, I figure I have waited this long to create “the record I’ve always wanted to make”; I may as well wait for it to be perfect. Or as perfect as it can be! Also, Polly & I thank you for your wedding salutations!

    I must run now – Amos has the truck running; we’re off to go fishing for the elusive striped blue catfish. Cheers! – Grayson

  56. Grayson:

    How can I get a copy of Jingle Pie and Swamp Yankee? Will these songs be on your upcoming album?

    Shanna P.

  57. Dear Shanna:

    Yes, “Swamp Yankee” is on the new record, and “Jingle Pie” will be available on the Unreleased Music page – both on the upcoming website ( I hope you enjoy the new music – and thanks!

  58. Grayson, I am a huge fan of yours and am looking forward to your new album. I love your music & videos. You have an amazing talent & an awesome voice. You’re wonderful. When you website comes out, could you please put a link for appearances. I’d love to see you perform in person. Any chance of a dvd containing all of your videos being available for purchase? Thanks for your great music! Darlene

  59. Secret update about the Grayson Hugh website ( which is almost ready and will be up very soon (and before the new album comes out):

    There will be a TON of material on the website – several albums’ worth of previously unreleased and never-before-heard music, plus lots of music videos, including television performances and interviews with Grayson, photos, lyrics, artwork, and the recipe for Shrubby Lichen Souffle a la McWalker.

    We think you’ll agree it’s worth the wait!

  60. Hey Grayson—

    It’s Gretchen (Gitar Johnny’s kid sister). I knew you when. And have photos, too.

    Congrats on the ongoing love affair with your Polly and finishing up your studies of the East Torrington Lichen. You have always been so richly talented and so much fun.

    Looking forward to your new release. And your website!

    God Bless you both.

  61. Hey Gretchen-
    Great to hear from you. Write to me via my upcoming website & I’ll get back to you. Would love to catch up – and see those old photos!
    all the best,

  62. Grayson, come out of the studio for a while and just play a few tour dates.
    Come to TEXAS.

    Bring your B-3 with you and if that’s not possible I will rent one for you.

  63. We’ve recently unearthed a “lost” album by Grayson Hugh, so while you’re waiting for
    the new website and album (yes, they ARE almost ready), google
    “ Grayson Hugh Christmas With the Stars”
    and check it out. Grayson put it on and you can get it for free there.

    Here’s the blurb about the “lost” album:
    “Hey Kids!
    Grayson made this “album” as a joke Christmas tape for his backup singer Polly Messer, back in 1984, and sent it to her along with some vocal parts for her to learn. He just wanted to make her laugh. She did – and she saved the tape all these years. Well, they recently got married last August (who could have known?) and she dug the tape out. Grayson is pleased to hereby release it to the public – in the hope it will bring jolly laughs to the bellies of Santa fans everywhere!
    (just think of the tape hiss as beautiful snow falling…)

    -Good Wishes from the Elves at The Grayson Hugh Pavilion”

    So there you have it. Make sure you listen to Elvis and Reverend Bobby!

    ~~WJ Porter
    The Grayson Hugh Team

  64. Just in case googling it doesn’t work (and because I don’t know how to post direct links here), you can just go to Grayson’s Wikipedia page and click on the last external link at the bottom of the page.


  65. Love the music. One of the first cds I ever purchased. I am currently trying to purchase talk it over on itunes but they don’t have it. Bizzare yeah. Come out to Australia, you dudes are cool!!!

  66. I have a 45 with “Gray Day” on one side and “You Don’t Know What You Can Do,” on the other side.

    A collector’s item.

  67. Any updates on the new music??? Could you even “describe” some of it? How many songs? What style? Who wrote them? Old stuff is great. Each and every song and I can’t wait to hear something new!

  68. Dear Karl-
    My new website ( should be up and running shortly. We’ve had some unforseen delays but are back on track now. My new record (“An American Record”), my first in fifteen years, will be available on this website, as well as approximately 70 other, heretofore unreleased songs. The styles of this music range from folk – to bluegrass – to retro ’60’s English Rock – to Soul – to Funk – to Post-Grunge Country Gothic – to some “music for imaginary films”. Some of my original scores for modern dance will also be available for downloading. I hope that this website will at least partially bridge the gap of the years during which my loyal fans were wondering what the heck happened to me! I want to assure you, and the many others, that your interest and support is very much appreciated. I hope you will enjoy this new wagonload of music – and I look forward to seeing you at a concert somewhere soon!
    very truly yours,
    Grayson Hugh

  69. Sneak preview: is up! The press release won’t go out until next week, but we want to let Grayson’s loyal fans here at Mr. Trivia in advance, in appreciation for your kind words and patience as we got the website ready.

    Not every page is fully functional yet, but we have been busy adding music to download on the store page and so far there are 5 albums of previous-unreleased music available. We heard today that one great fan has already downloaded 40 songs!

    So big thanks to Mr. Trivia and his “virtual water-cooler” – and especially to all Grayson’s fans in Australia!

    ~~WJ Porter

  70. Thanks for the front-page bump, Mr. Trivia!

    BTW, it’s Ms. WJ “Wendy” Porter … Now you learned something new today too! hehehehe

  71. D’oh! My apologies, Wendy. I even checked back on your other posts to see if I could work out your gender and got no joy. I have indeed learned something 🙂

  72. Who are the 2 male backup singers on the Talk it over video??

    Thanks in advance for any info.

  73. Dear Pam-
    Just saw your question tonight. Unfortunately I don’t know the guys’ names. When I made that video in London, in 1989, the director Nick Brandt had already cast the parts for the video. The two guys were actor/singers and the two girls in suitcases were dancer/singers. I remember one was Belgian. My love interest was an Irish girl (can’t remember her name) who was very nice and professional. We all had a good time, and laughed alot, even if I did get sore thighs from standing in a sawed-off over-sized suitcase for four hours! And where they found a Yellow cab in London was always a mystery to me!
    all the best,
    Grayson Hugh

  74. I have enjoyed Grayson Hugh’s music for so long!! He is amazing.

    As you all know, it can be difficult to purchase mp3s of his older stuff. Can anyone send me
    and mp3 of “Don’t Look Back”??? I would be so appreciative!!!

    Thanks in advance

  75. Hello John,

    Please understand that I didn’t erase your comment. It wasn’t approved because I have been unable to update this blog for some time. My apologies for any inconvenience caused, sir!

    We are all Grayson Hugh fan around these parts!

  76. I thank Mr Trivia for keeping the flame for Grayson Hugh he is a cherished friend of mine.He and his lovely wife Polly Messer just performed down the road from my home a few weeks back and they sounded great, their chemistry is wonderful. Hopefully very soon the will be on the road!
    Big Mike

  77. I am an aussie living in the USA and had the privilege of seeing grayson and poly perform last night at a cozy restaurant in southington CT. The music was amazing and i even got my hands on an advance copy of the new cd. it is fantastic and he is serious about doing his first ever tour down under so lets rally behind this amazing musician and show him the hospitality he deserves!!!

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